Finally pregnant after 8 years of trying to conceive

Here's my story & journey...

Married at the age of 22 in 2002 and we started TTCing (trying to conceive) in 2005/6.  I was diagnosed with Prolactinoma (benign tumour in the pituitary gland) in 2007 and was put straight on Bromocriptine to shrink the tumour.

At the same time, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Once the Prolactinoma was under control in 2009, I was given Clomid for 6 months, no pregnancy. I was using OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) & BBT charting (basal body temping) but I wasn't getting anywhere & OPKs didn't seem to work.

In 2010 had a Hycosy to check my tubes but the doctor 'couldn't find my cervix' (!!), so I had to have a laparoscopy to have them checked instead. Turns out, all was ok there.

Same year, I had my 1st IUI which the nurse said she couldn't get through my cervix. The 2nd IUI treatment was under more clinical conditions but still couldn't get through my cervix!! So, back to the endo' & a 2nd operation to 'open my cervix'. Finally, the 3rd IUI treatment (2011) got through my cervix (hooray) but another failure as no pregnancy.

It was then that I hit a brick wall and felt like I was all a massive roller coaster of emotions so we decided to lay off TTcing for a bit & I quickly went into denial and wasn't in a good place. I rallied and went back to the endo' in 2012 and was told I had put on too much weight, my BMI was too high for IVF which the doctors termed as 'my last hope for children' and was promptly told to go away & lose some weight. I asked to be put onto Metformin, which my doctors agreed to do.

I struggled with my weight for a while, took the Metformin on & off, was starting to make some headway when I had a car accident in Nov 2013 that set me back. It was then that my husband & I decided to stop putting our lives on hold for a child we may never have, also decided that we would look into adoption.

2014, we moved house, I got a new car & had a year of physical therapy. Decided to take Metformin regularly & go to Slimming World in January 2015 to lose weight for our 'one go' of IVF on the NHS. We were never going to pay for any IVF ourselves as we just couldn't afford to.

I stumbled across the OvuSense website a couple of days before Christmas, read all about it and decided to take the plunge and purchase. I received it the very next day and had my first month's use in December. I didn't ovulate that month. I then started Slimming World ( a weight loss plan) in January and quickly lost over a stone in 6 weeks.

Ovusense showed I ovulated at end of January /beginning of February so we did the 'baby dance'...22 days later BFP!

For me, it was a combination of many things that helped me to finally achieve my BFP but OvuSense was extremely helpful at showing me 'when' to have sex. Also, with the help of OvuSense, I knew I was ovulating;  because I hadn't ovulated the month before, all the normal body signs that weren't there when I didn't ovulate, were there the following month when I did.

So, OvuSense helped to make me more aware of my natural ovulation signs in order to try and conceive. It happened! I am pregnant, after 8 long years of trying!!  I am so pleased.

Don't give up ladies!  I am proof that perseverance and taking control can pay off.

Baby dust to you all,

Kirsty xx