Purchase the OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Monitor

Starter Packs with Subscriptions

  • everything you need to track your fertility with the OvuSense App
  • for Apple devices running iOS 8.0 or later, and NFC enabled Android devices
  • works with iPhone 7 upwards using lightning to headphone jack adapter
  • specially designed vaginal Sensor, records your core body temperature while you sleep
  • includes NFC Reader for use with Apple devices, and carry case
  • free delivery; free fertility nurse and technical support, including weekends, for as long as you need it
  • money back guarantee if OvuSense does not work for you: read more . . .
OvuSense Starter Pack

OvuSense Starter Pack with FREE first 30 days Subscription

CA$ 175
  • - includes 30 days unrestricted use of the OvuSense App
  • - subscription starts on invoice but App allows additional free 7 days use
  • - you will need to purchase an OvuSense Subscription beyond those initial 37 days
  • - a new OvuSense Sensor is required after 12 months

If you already have a Starter Pack you can purchase an OvuSense Subscription here

OvuSense Subscription

OvuSense Monthly Subscription

CA$ 45
  • - enables unrestricted use of the OvuSense App
  • - payable every 30 days
  • - payments are done automatically by PayPal
OvuSense Subscription

OvuSense Annual Subscription

CA$ 270
  • - enables 12 months unrestricted use of the OvuSense App
  • - a new Subscription is required after 12 months
  • - requires an OvuSense Starter Pack