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Guest Blog: Infertility Causes and Investigations  image
12 May 2021
Guest Blog: Infertility Causes and Investigations 
Clients frequently come to see me for nutrition advice to support their fertility, without a diagnosis on what may be hindering their journey. Unexplained infertility affects as many as 1 in 5 couples struggling with infertility. Often, some simple testing can be hugely beneficial to understand more about what might be going on for couples.
The Benefits of Getting Pregnant in a Pandemic image
07 May 2021
The Benefits of Getting Pregnant in a Pandemic
With the rollout of COVID vaccines across the world and the recent encouragement surrounding the safety of pregnant women receiving them, many women may be feeling more comfortable and confident in their journey to start or continue to grow a family during the pandemic. Continue reading to learn more.
OvuSense 101 - Everything ELSE You Need (& Want!) to Know About OvuSense image
26 April 2021
OvuSense 101 - Everything ELSE You Need (& Want!) to Know About OvuSense
Whether you’re interested in becoming part of the OvuSense community, or recently purchased your device, you may have some questions. We're breaking those down, as well as detailing how to consult with one of our fertility nurses, using your HSA or FSA to purchase OvuSense, and more. 

Although 2020 probably wasn’t anyone’s favorite year, the hope for a better future is more evident now than ever. Even after facing a year filled with economic and public health uncertainty, many are choosing to remain positive and looking to regain control of their health and start a family. Continue reading to learn more. ...

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Hope For A Brighter Future: Taking Back Control of  Your Health & Fertility Amid COVID-19 image

Learning how to use new technology and apps can be challenging, that's why we want to make sure you are equipped with the correct information to feel comfortable and empowered to use OvuSense. Learn about when you should be using your sensor, time it takes to download the valuable data, which cycles OvuSense works for, and more....

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We Asked & You Answered - Common OvuSense Questions Explained for When You’re Getting Started image

Kelly Keating, founder of PCOS Living, shares the lessons she learned about health and becoming an advocate for herself after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Keep reading to learn more about Kelly's experience. ...

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Guest Blog: Kelly Keating on The Lessons She Learned From Being Diagnosed with PCOS image

To better support families in their fertility journeys, OvuSense has partnered with ExSeed to bring a complete monitoring and testing solution for the couple trying to conceive. The partnership combines the importance of female ovulation tracking, as well as male total motile sperm count tracking - all from the convenience of your home....

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OvuSense & ExSeed Partner to Provide Complete Monitoring Solution for TTC Couples image

Your OB-GYN will be the one supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey, so it’s important to get one you trust. Read on to learn what to look for in an OB-GYN, as well as questions to ask at your first appointment. ...

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How to Choose The Best OB-GYN For Your Pregnancy image

Several times each month, we receive inquiries from women and clinical professionals asking about the ‘value’ of the OvuSense device. Since OvuSense was first created, we have continued to be proud of the clinical understanding of our technology....

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The Value of OvuSense image

The New Year often brings with it many resolutions, especially when it comes to diet and lifestyle. Here, Registered Nutritional Therapist Jen Walpole offers her advice on which resolutions to try and which ones to avoid this January....

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New Year's Resolutions that are Supportive of Ovulation and Fertility image

If you’re trying to conceive, you likely spend a good amount of time thinking about what you can do to increase your fertility. The truth is that not only can your fertility be impacted by the environment around you, but going through infertility can have unintended impacts on other areas of your life as well. ...

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Fertility Tips Part 3 - How Relationships Can Impact Your Fertility image

With January being Thyroid Awareness Month, it's important to know the function of the thyroid, how it can affect your fertility, and some tips that may help prevent thyroid problems. ...

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What is the Thyroid and How Does it Affect Fertility? image

If you are trying to conceive, it’s very likely that you have given some consideration to your current health. However, have you actually spent any time considering how healthy and fertile your mind is right now?...

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Fertility Tips Part 2 - How Your Mindset May Impact Your Fertility image

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