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PCOS Awareness Month: Highlighting our PCOS Warriors image
17 September 2019
PCOS Awareness Month: Highlighting our PCOS Warriors
September marks PCOS Awareness Month, an event that is near to our hearts as many OvuSense users are currently struggling with PCOS. PCOS Awareness Month is a federally designated event in the US created to increase awareness of, and education about PCOS among women, girls, healthcare professionals, and the genera...
OvuSense featured in Romper & Scary Mommy! image
12 September 2019
OvuSense featured in Romper & Scary Mommy!
Summer is coming to a close, and we’ve sure been busy at OvuSense! We were excited to be featured by Romper and Scary Mommy as a top ovulation monitor. Read on to learn more about why we were featured, and how OvuSense can help you track your ovulation... Romper Trying to conceive can be stressful, from tracking...
FemTech: 5 Things Clinicians Should Know image
09 September 2019
FemTech: 5 Things Clinicians Should Know
In today’s digital age, many people’s first instinct is to immediately hop on Dr. Google when faced with a diagnosis or health situation they don’t fully understand. While this provides seemingly endless information, it can be hard for clinicians and other members of the care team to stay up to date on all t...
02 February 2018
Interested in fertility reflexology? Half price consultation for OvuSense users!
My name is Julia Mclellan and I’m a holistic therapist.  I help women (and men) every day with fertility.  I'm here to tell you more about what I do and how I can help you on your fertility journey.  For OvuSense Users, I am offering a special deal too!
02 February 2018
I'm pregnant with OvuSense. Thank you for your support!
From an #OvuSense User.  "I took your advice and took a pink dye test and a digital test this morning and I'm so excited to say I am officially pregnant!!
18 January 2018
Top 10 questions about your menstrual cycle. Get the facts!

Top 10 Questions About Your Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle and your period are the most important aspect of your fertility. These very important functions of a woman's body regulate ovulation and your hormones and have major influences on your fertility health.

You may feel confused or concerned about your menstrual cycle and what your body is trying to tell you, so I have put together my most frequently asked questions and the answers to help you understand your body a little more.

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18 January 2018
20 conception abbreviations you need to know (fingers crossed you end up PG—Pregnant!)

The world is moving so quickly that trying to have a baby doesn't even require words. Now, modern family planning only takes a few letters.  Some of these acronyms are familiar (IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization), but others may leave you scratching your head.  As in, what the heck is BD and why should I care? (FYI, it means 'Baby Dance'—time to get busy between the sheets!)

Don't be left in the baby-making dark! Here are the top 20 conception abbreviations:

  1. AF It's that time of the month—a visit from your ol' Aunt Flo. But of course, your period is not what you want when you're TTC. In fact, many gals chant AFSA (Aunt Flo Stay Away!).

  2. BBT -Basal Body Temperature

  3. BFN (and BFP) Glimpsing a home pregnancy test and then suddenly feeling like crap means you've seen a Big Fat Negative. The opposite is, of course, BFP, or Big Fat Positive!

  4. BT Say yes to that needle stick! If you suspect you're prego, a Blood Test can confirm (it's more accurate than a urine test).

  5. CF (also CM) Ew! Your Cervical Fluid or Cervical Mucus is actually critical to unlocking the conception door. Get up close and personal with this monthly wetness, whether it's slick, clear, or cloudy, so you can pinpoint a fertile moment.

  6. DH (also DP and SO) He (or she) is your one and only, a partner in crime, and your main squeeze. Yup, it means Dear Husband, Dear Partner, or Significant Other. Why not give yours a little TLC today?

  7. DPO This is the countdown that can leave you breathless—it stands for Days Past Ovulation. If you're planning a baby, you'll be sitting tight for about 10-14 days before a home pregnancy test shows a BFP.

  8. DTD Yay—this is the fun one! When your CF is right, it's time to DTD—Do The Deed (as in, have sex!).

  9. EC Ice, Ice—BABY. EC or Embryo Cryo (freezing) keeps your eggs nice and fresh until you're ready to defrost!

  10. EDD This is the date you circle on the calendar in red pen. It's your Estimated Due Date, which is often determined from that first, early ultrasound.

  11. GS - Gestational Surrogate.

  12. hCGThis substance is a magic hormone, one you definitely want swimming in your bloodstream. The abbreviation stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and your ob/gyn can detect it in the blood (and later in urine) during the first week or two of pregnancy.

  13. HPT - Home Pregnancy Tests!

  14. IUI - Intrauterine Insemination

  15. MC - It's the saddest outcome, but not that uncommon. Many women who are TTC have suffered a Miscarriage.

  16. MS - Morning Sickness

  17. POAS You'll do this to check your baby status. Yup, Pee On A Stick is the longer version, and if you're TTC you'll be sprinkling every month.

  18. PVN or Prenatal Vitamin is a multi that's taken for a few months prior to conception to ensure the right nutrients are present for the healthiest bambino possible.

  19. RE If you're TTC and it's taking many months, make an appointment to see an RE or Reproductive Endocrinologist. He can help diagnose why you're having trouble and help put you on the path to mommyhood.

  20. SD - Sperm Donor.

Baby dust to all our followers!

Team OvuSense www.ovusense.com 

18 January 2018
PCOS - kiss my A**! I'm pregnant with OvuSense baby number 2!

Ladies, it is with pleasure that I am over the moon to tell you all that I am pregnant again. Baby No. 2 is on the way, due March 2018!  I conceived with OvuSense 3 years before this after 18 years of trying.

I knew I was from my Ovusense chart, sadly and annoyingly I missed a week of using it! I really want to know what happened in that gap but the end result is the same. ❤️

Doctors said I'd never have children without IVF...pfffft. Prolactinoma, screw you. PCOS, suck it. MTHFR, kiss my Ass!

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17 January 2018
OvuSense: The best fertility prediction I have ever used!

Just wanted to stop in and give all you wonderful ladies a final update. I have been an OvuSense user since 2014. The best fertility prediction I have ever used. It has never been wrong for me as far as ovulation confirmation. Trust and believe in this technology!

Anyway, this is my 2nd BFP using OvuSense. The first, unfortunately, was ectopic in March 2017. Today I am 14 DPO. AF is officially due today and I am scared, to say the least.

This is my 3rd pregnancy in 11 years. Yes, 11 years!  Unfortunately, I have lost 2 babies so far so I know the pain and struggle.

Many thanks for all the love and support I have received and I will continue to pray for every single one through this rollercoaster journey! I will be watching this Support Group (OvuSense Users Group) and hanging around for love and support but this will be my last update here for now.

I wish everyone the best of luck.

Please, never give up.

Dana x

16 January 2018
It's happened. I'm pregnant.

It happened! My entire life I have been told how difficult it would be for me to get pregnant as I have PCOS. But I got my BFP today!

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16 January 2018
It's finally sunk in....I'm pregnant! We were due to start IVF in a few months.

I still can’t quite believe that I’m writing this. It’s finally sunk in.

I know a few of you know the difficulty we’ve had (even just getting me to ovulate!!).  Out of 9 medicated cycles, I’ve only ovulated 4 times!!! And if it wasn’t for my OvuSense, I wouldn’t have known and we’d have blindly continued on assuming the medication was working when it had stopped.

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12 January 2018
OvuSense really did work for me!


I would like to provide the below testimonial, as OvuSense really did work for me!

In April 2017, following increasingly erratic periods and some high FSH readings (40+), I was told by an NHS fertility consultant that I was in premature menopausal transition and that I could expect to enter full menopause within the next 6-9 months.   I was aged 41 at that time.

He said that my chances of natural conception using my own eggs during that timeframe were 5%, and advised that infertility counselling - together with consideration of donated eggs - were my only options.

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09 January 2018
Secondary Infertility – The Facts

What is Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility is a common problem. The term secondary infertility refers to the inability to become pregnant or the inability to carry a pregnancy to a live birth following either a previous pregnancy or a previous live birth. This definition, therefore, includes women who have had a previous miscarriage or stillbirth, as well as those who already have a child.

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