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Using OvuSense to Track PCOS, Irregular Cycles & Ovulation – Lisa’s Story to Motherhood image
31 July 2020
Using OvuSense to Track PCOS, Irregular Cycles & Ovulation – Lisa’s Story to Motherhood
Like many women, Lisa started using birth control as a teenager to cope with uncomfortable and irregular periods. While this did mask her symptoms and made her cycle appear regular, later in her teen years, she was told she had PCOS.  Fast forward almost a decade to 2018, and Lisa and her husband were ready to ...
After 21 Years of Trying to Conceive, The Third Cycle Was the Charm for Beya image
22 July 2020
After 21 Years of Trying to Conceive, The Third Cycle Was the Charm for Beya
Infertility can be draining, regardless of how long you’ve been trying to conceive, but for one woman, this journey has gone on for longer than two decades. Beya has PCOS, and has been trying to get pregnant for 21 years.  After struggling to track her ovulation using oral BBT and OPKs, Beya decided to try Ovu...
Getting More Out Of Your Data - Introducing OvuSense Pro image
20 July 2020
Getting More Out Of Your Data - Introducing OvuSense Pro
At OvuSense, our goal has always been to empower women along their fertility journey, but we know that for many people, we are only one piece of the puzzle. Whether you’re working with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, Naturopathic Fertility Specialist, or your regular OB/GYN, we want to make it easier than ever t...
19 May 2020
What happens if you don't take prenatals?
Have you not been able to find prenatals? Or maybe you've just realised your pregnant and haven't taken any prenatals yet - what should you do? Fertility Consultant Kate Davies gives more information on what prenatals you should take and when during your pregnancy.
17 May 2020
What should I eat to get pregnant fast?
Are you looking to get pregnant? Although eating certain foods won't guarantee that you will get pregnant faster, eating some foods and avoiding others could help your body prepare for a baby.
16 May 2020
How do I know my chances of getting pregnant?
If you've never tried to get pregnant before, or if you've been on contraception for years, how will you know your chances of getting pregnant? Fertility Consultant Kate Davies has put together a handy list of things to bear in mind if you're worried that you might need help conceiving.
14 May 2020
Is There a Connection Between Sleep and Fertility?

Who doesn’t love when their head hits the pillow after a long day. Sleeping is a beloved necessity that allows us to rest and recharge before starting a new day. However, did you know that sleep can play an important part in our lives, not only affecting our energy levels, but also our quality of life, health, and even, fertility? 

If you’re having trouble conceiving, the list of things you can try may seem endless, including taking certain vitamins, reducing your caffeine intake, and making changes to your exercise regime. But, you may not have been told that sleep may actually have an effect on your ability to get pregnant. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep can help refresh your body, while also regulating important fertility-related hormones.

While more research needs to be done to determine the full effect that sleep can have on a person’s fertility, one study found that women who suffer from insomnia are four times more likely to struggle with infertility compared to those who are more well-rested. 

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13 May 2020
What should I do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?
Are you trying to get pregnant and want to give yourself the best chance? There are lots of hints and tips you can follow to help you get pregnant, and we've asked Fertility Consultant Kate Davies to give you some advice. Read on to find out more!
12 May 2020
What pregnancy supplements should I take?
If you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, taking prenatals is a good way to give you and your baby the best chance of being healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy. Read our guide by fertility consultant Kate Davies on which supplements you should take for healthy baby development!
11 May 2020
Staying Sane In Quarantine - With Or Without Kids

Some OvuSense users are trying to conceive for the first time, but others may be dealing with secondary infertility and have children at home.

For many people, the coronavirus has turned our lives and routines upside down. Some of our users are working from home or even out of work temporarily, missing their regular activities, or coping with the stress of cancelled fertility medical appointments. Others with children at home may be dealing with the added challenges of closed schools and loss of child care. 

As we continue to live in some degree of “quarantine” for the foreseeable future, we understand you may be losing patience — and that’s okay! Below are some things to consider to help you get through, and put you in a good place when things return to normal. Continue reading

08 May 2020
From PCOS to BFP: How OvuSense Helped Maggie Learn She Wasn’t Ovulating

After trying to get pregnant naturally for a year with no success, Maggie took matters into her own hands and diagnosed herself with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. After her doctor confirmed this diagnosis, Maggie started Metformin and began researching an ovulation tracker that would work with her irregular cycles. 

After finding OvuSense, she learned valuable information about her cycle that ultimately helped her conceive. Read more about Maggie’s journey to her BFP below: 

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04 May 2020
How to Find Your Ovulation Window at Home

When you’re trying to get pregnant, the most important thing you can do to boost your chances of success is learning when you ovulate. With many of us spending more time at home, now is a great time to learn what your cycle is doing naturally. 

If you’ve never tracked your periods before, that’s a good first step, but for fertility, ovulation is really what matters. It can be difficult to know when this key event will happen: different people have different lengths of cycle, so there’s no single ‘correct’ answer. It’s also possible to have an irregular cycle, so it’s different from month to month.


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29 April 2020
Do you need to take vitamins after 12 weeks of pregnancy?
Prenatal supplements are often recommended by doctors and nurses, but what is less certain is how long you should be taking supplements. We talk to Fertility Consultant Kate Davies to about the best time to take fertility supplements.

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