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Finally the answer: How OvuSense helped Molly when doctors, drugs, and test kits could not image
09 July 2020
Finally the answer: How OvuSense helped Molly when doctors, drugs, and test kits could not
Molly initially thought that it would be easy to get pregnant, but she quickly realized that was not the case. After years of medications, blood tests, and OPKs, she was still having no luck. As she lives in the UK, she knew she would have to wait a while for an IVF referral – but she was afraid that time was ru...
Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility image
24 June 2020
Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility
Let’s talk about cervical secretions. Admittedly, not an everyday topic of conversation, but one that plays such an important role in natural fertility. If you’re just starting to think about trying to get pregnant, the concept of tracking your cervical mucus might be totally foreign – and may even make you ...
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense image
18 June 2020
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense
Like many women, Sarah spent her 20s trying NOT to get pregnant, assuming that when she was ready, she would be able to conceive. But after experiencing irregular cycles her whole life, she quickly realized that her journey to motherhood wasn’t going to be as straightforward as she had hoped.  After being diagn...
21 November 2019
OvuSense CEO Speaks With “The Journey” – Surprising Things To Know About Ovulation

If we’re thinking about TTC 101 (or trying to conceive), tracking your ovulation is one of the first things that women are recommended to do in order to get pregnant. However, this often isn’t as simple as it sounds, as many women don’t ovulate in the middle of their cycle – or may not have regular cycles to begin with. 

To debunk this and other myths, OvuSense’s CEO Rob Milnes was recently interviewed by Sarah Heywood with The Journey podcast where they discuss surprising things to know about ovulation. After working in female healthcare for the last 25 years and going through infertility himself, Rob is passionate about debunking common fertility myths to make sure women have the right information about their unique cycles. 

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18 November 2019
Using Data for PCOS Diagnosis - OvuSense User Morgan’s TTC Journey

When women struggle to get or stay pregnant, they often find themselves asking ‘why?’ — Unfortunately, the answer the answer is not usually black and white. Morgan was no exception, and after nearly four years of trying to conceive, started using OvuSense to learn more about her cycle. 

In 2015, Morgan was recently married and ready to start trying for a family. However the challenges she would face along the way were already starting to appear. A year before in 2014, she had been diagnosed with uterine fibroids and recently underwent surgery to have them removed. Not long after getting married, doctors discovered they had returned, forcing her to have a second surgery. Only weeks later, while still in recovery, she was also diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.

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13 November 2019
OvuSense May Help Diagnose Previously Undetected Causes of Infertility – Research at ASRM 2019

One in eight couples will have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term, however many are left frustrated without a formal diagnosis to explain their challenges. While some causes are truly unknown, others go undiagnosed as there is not enough information available. Using Core Body Temperature (CBT) monitoring, women and their doctors may now be able to identify previously undetectable causes of infertility

Recognizing this gap in care, researchers studied the data from users of OvuSense, which is the only clinically proven fertility monitor with Class 2 regulatory approval, to understand the link between cycle characteristics of CBT curves and infertility. In the paper, presented at the 2019 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting, the OvuSense team has assessed a range of atypical cycle patterns and prevalence within the OvuSense user base.

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11 November 2019
April Fools Twins?! Jessica G. Shares Her Experience with Infertility and OvuSense

We know that trying to conceive can be an isolating experience, which is why we’ve worked hard to build up a community of OvuSense users on Facebook. In this group, women can share their experiences, ask questions, or simply connect with others who know exactly what they’re going through.

Recently, one user Jessica shared her story of using OvuSense to conceive her twins, who are due in November 2019! Read on for more of Jessica’s story, and her experience using OvuSense… 


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31 October 2019
On World Fertility Day – Do You Know These Fertility Facts?

November 2nd marks World Fertility Day, which aims to raise awareness for the 48.5 million couples living with fertility issues and infertility worldwide. Efforts range from advocating for the resources needed to address and treat infertility, to sharing the common experiences of women across different countries and cultures. 

Fertility and infertility are often taboo topics to discuss openly, so by acknowledging these challenges, we can help to break the silence and isolation of infertility. We also recognize this day as an opportunity to empower people with more information so they can make informed decisions about their own care.  

We often hear from women that they learned so much about fertility after they’ve started trying to conceive that they had never learned in the past. Whether you’re just getting started and want to learn more, or are looking for information to share with your friends and family, below are 15 things to know about fertility…

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25 October 2019
Helen M. Shares How OvuSense Helped Her Feel In Control
Helen pictured with her daughter, Ada, and their Chihuahua Roland.

Helen began using OvuSense in December 2017. Shortly after, she split with her partner and decided to move ahead with donor sperm to try and conceive. Throughout her fertility treatments, Helen used OvuSense to give her a feeling of control. She recently shared her story with our OvuSense Users Group community on Facebook. Congratulations on your OvuSense baby, Helen, and thank you for sharing your story with us and others who are struggling to conceive.

Read more from Helen below...




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22 October 2019
Secondary Infertility – what is it and what can you do next?

Recently, a number of celebrities have come forward about their struggles with secondary infertility, a subject seldom discussed openly. Many women may have never heard of this term, while others are all too familiar with the struggles associated with conceiving. By openly discussing this topic, their stories are giving encouragement to couples dealing with their own challenges in this area.

Our fertility nurse Kate Davies recently wrote an article for Thrive Global reviewing secondary infertility. 3 million women are affected – so what is it, what can you do, and where can you find support?

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15 October 2019
“Future of Sex” Editors Agree: OvuSense Makes Family Planning Easier!

Family planning can be hard enough without having to worry about what technology to use along the way. That’s why the Future of Sex outlined 6 femtech gadgets that are making family planning easier. 

The Future of Sex provides insights into the fascinating topic of the future of human sex and sexuality. It looks at how communication, interface, biological and other technologies are enabling new expressions of human sexuality, and the individual and societal responses to these significant shifts. 

OvuSense was featured on their latest list, recapping fertility trackers that are packed with innovative features! 

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08 October 2019
Managing Your Mental Health — How To Avoid Stress While Trying To Conceive

Growing your family can be one of the most overwhelming experiences in your life— even for those who are easily able to conceive. But for the nearly one in ten women who struggles to conceive or stay pregnant, the path to parenthood can feel like an even more difficult road.

No matter where you are in your fertility journey, feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression are incredibly common, and the connection between infertility and depression is more than just anecdotal — research has pointed to a high prevalence of major depressive disorders in people receiving treatment for infertility.

October 10th marks World Mental Health Day, and we would like to take the opportunity to remind women mental health can be just as important as physical health when trying to conceive. Take care of yourself by remembering these three things, and turn sources of anxiety into sources of positivity along your way.

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03 October 2019
Fertility Nurse Kate Davies Explains PCOS Signs to Watch for in Dr. Oz

Despite the fact that it affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age, many people have never heard of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It’s a hormonal disorder, and common symptoms range from irregular periods to bouts of depression and even infertility. Many of the signs of PCOS are similar to those associated with your regular cycle – though much worse – making the disorder extremely difficult to diagnose. 

Our fertility nurse consultant, Kate Davies, RN, BSc(Hons), FP Cert, spoke with the Dr. Oz show about 7 signs of PCOS that you should not ignore. According to Kate, it can take up to 13 years on average to receive a definitive diagnosis of PCOS. A few of the symptoms you should look out for include… 

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