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Unlike other products, OvuSense uses data from the current cycle to predict ovulation in real time and then confirm the exact date of ovulation with 99% accuracy. It then predicts your fertile window, and helps you and your physician to track your whole cycle, enabling diagnosis of ovulatory issues and monitoring of medication.

Click on the "i" icon next to each method in the table, or directly on the method in the table on mobile devices to find out more about the clinical evidence.

  • BBT Basal Body Temperature
  • SWD Skin Worn Devices
  • FTA Fertility Tracker Apps
  • OPK Ovulation Predictor Kits (urine strips)
  • OPM Ovulation Prediction Monitors (urine strips)
  • BP Blood Progesterone
  • US Ultrasound
  Fertile Window Ovulation Clinical
Previous cycle data
OvuSense     OvuSense  
Basal Body
Skin Worn Devices
Fertility Tracker Apps
Ovulation Predictor
Kits (urine strips)
Ovulation Predictor
Monitors (urine strips)
Blood Progesterone