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Baby au naturale: the tough decision to avoid medications when TTCing!

Baby au naturale...is there a place for naturally achieving a pregnancy in this drug ridden, pill pushing world of TTC? 

I was diagnosed with PCOS 15 years ago.  At the age of 16, having a baby wasn’t at the top of my to-do list.  So keeping my body healthy for this reason wasn’t something I focused on.   After dating for 6 years, my husband and I started trying after our wedding in 2013.  Fast forward two years, two MCs, and too many tears, we decided it was time to seek medical help.  Our goal; to have a baby without fertility drugs.  Easier said than done!

change your attitude

Waiting for that first appointment was exciting and nerve-racking.  There were two things I told my Dr. that day.  First off, I have PCOS.  Secondly, we would like to go the natural route before jumping into fertility drugs right away.  Disappointed, I left with a scheduled appointment to verify my PCOS (as if offering my medical records weren’t enough) and a prescription for metformin.  My first question was why am I being prescribed metformin?  “It’s what we use to treat PCOS” was the bland answer I received.

I have no idea

After that,  I went home and did a little digging around on the internet.  What I found out was Metformin can help women with PCOS who have elevated insulin levels, decrease their risk of diabetes, and help them ovulate/regulate periods.  My doctors hadn’t done any blood work on me yet to test my insulin levels or test to see if I was ovulating or not.  So why put me on this medication before knowing if I was experiencing this issues? 


This is where I was introduced to Myo-inositol and D-Chiro-inositol.  After reading many articles, blogs, and testimonials, I had found a natural supplement I felt confident in.  Many of the studies showed Inositol more effective than metformin without the side effects.  I will share some of the information I came across. Something else I found interesting.  If there are medical journals and peer reviewed studies showing the benefits of Myo and D-Chiro inositol for fertility and women with PCOS, why hadn’t the fertility doctors at my clinic ever heard of it? 


This was a huge step for me in my fertility journey.  Staying true to our philosophy by keeping it natural while getting my body healthier and on track to a successful pregnancy, is my main priority. I am thankful for my doctor who is patient with me while I ask a million questions every step of the way.  After all, having a baby is one of the biggest decisions my husband and I have ever made.  


I am excited to keep learning and sharing my experiences of naturally TTC so keep watching out for more blogs from me.

Thank you,


About me:  My friends and family refer to me as Ericka, my piano and accordion students Mrs. Pierson, and my sports teams Coach. However, my dream is to be called Mom. As a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist with 12 years of experience, I am continually searching for natural and homeopathic solutions for myself, my family, and my clients now more than ever during my journey to become a mother.  

 References:  Raffone E, Rizzo P, Benedetto V. Insulin sensitiser agents alone and in co-treatment with r-FSH for ovulation induction in PCOS women. Gynecol Endocrinol. 2010;26(4)275-280.