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Bethany's story

My name is Bethany and I was diagnosed with PCOS after our first daughter was born.

Long story short, I never got a period back after giving birth to our daughter. I have the non-insulin resistance type of PCOS, so after trying Clomid and Femara with a poor response, I was told by 2 different doctors our next step would be IVF.   I'm a nurse and thought I was ovulating even though my progesterone levels were boarder-line.

We ended up buying the OvuSense and found out I was ovulating even though the specialist didn't think I was.  When I showed them my OvuSense charts, they still weren't impressed. I also went Gluten free and dairy free 3 months prior and I think that may have helped.

This was my chart a couple months before we got pregnant. We were still on Femara for this cycle:


I was so convinced that I was ovulating as my OvuSense showed me that I was, my husband and I agreed to try naturally while using the OvuSense before trying IVF. On my second cycle of no meds, ultrasounds, lab work or testing we got pregnant!!!  

Here is the month when I got pregnant.  OvuSense told me that I had ovulated March 19th 2016:

 Bethany BFP


We are now 14 weeks and everything looks perfect so far. My OB was in shock when I called to tell her!

I just wanted to let you know if you guys keep track of how many pregnancies you've made possible. My husband and I will be forever thankful to you all. 

I hope I can bring some hope to fellow ladies with PCOS because I remember how hopeless I was feeling.

Much love,

Bethany xx