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Can acupuncture improve your fertility?

 By Kate Davies, RN, BSc(Hons), FP Cert - Fertility Nurse


During my day to day work in the field of fertility, I hear many claims about the latest therapy that ‘will get you pregnant’. Unfortunately many of them turn out not to be true and others may have other therapeutic benefits, but do they really get you pregnant? For me to be confident in recommending a therapy to my patients, it is vital that the treatment has its roots in research, and it’s safe to say that this is exactly where acupuncture for fertility sits nicely.
A report published in 2008 reviewed seven studies that looked at the benefits of acupuncture and fertility. The report found that acupuncture increases a woman’s chances of conceiving by 65%. Conversely a later review in 2010 concluded that there is no evidence to support the benefit of acupuncture during IVF, however doubt has been cast on the validity of the findings in one specific study in the review. Complementary therapist and clinicians alike still support the use of acupuncture for fertility and I have seen countless numbers of women report improvements to their menstrual cycle and in particular the lengthening of their luteal phase when using acupuncture for fertility.
Research in 2005 found distinct benefits for men and fertility. This research showed that acupuncture significantly improves the quality and health of sperm and found that analysis of sperm samples before and after acupuncture showed fewer structural defects in the sperm and an increase in the numbers of normal healthy sperm.
I believe that when considering your fertility and what you can do to increase your chances of conceiving, it’s important not to look at just one aspect but to consider your fertility more holistically. Often it’s not just one thing you do or one change you make that results in conceiving but a combination of many aspects
Let’s consider for a moment the impact of stress on fertility. Research into the benefits of acupuncture for fertility, suggest that acupuncture is effective in reducing stress. Recent studies show a clear correlation between stress and infertility. Therefore it makes sense to work on reducing your stress levels by identifying your stress triggers; for many women this iacupuncture-906144_1280s work related, or the stress they experience while trying to conceive.
Getting lots of good quality natural sleep, exercising and eating a balanced diet can really help to combat stress and by adding in acupuncture can increase the likelihood of conceiving. You may also want to spend a little time thinking about your cycles and hormone balance
Acupuncturists report good effects when treating women with irregular cycles. Getting your cycles more regular and then monitoring your natural fertility indicators such as your body
temperature and cervical secretions helps you to conceive quicker.


Clearly, more research into the benefits of acupuncture for fertility is needed before we can hand on heart say ‘acupuncture will get you pregnant’ and it may be that we never can. However, current research looks very encouraging, and that’s enough for me.


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