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Click on the "i" icon next to each method in the table, or directly on the method in the table on mobile devices to find out more about the clinical evidence.

  Key Benefits
Clinical proof
Live ovulation prediction
Confirms date of ovulation
Works for PCOS, DOR or any cycle
Helps diagnose ovulatory issues
Helps track medications
(Core Body Temperature)
Fertility Tracker Apps FTA
Basal Body Temperature BBT
Skin Worn Devices SWD
Fertility Bracelet Devices FBD
Ovulation Predictor
Kits (urine strips)
Ovulation Predictor
Monitors (urine strips)
Serum Progesterone SP
Ultrasound US

Fertility Testing Methods Key

  • OS OvuSense (Core Body Temperature)
  • BBT Basal Body Temperature
  • FTA Fertility Tracker Apps
  • SWD Skin Worn Devices
  • FBD Fertility Bracelet Devices
  • OPK Ovulation Predictor Kits (urine strips)
  • OPM Ovulation Prediction Monitors (urine strips)
  • SP Serum Progesterone
  • US Ultrasound