The OvuSense Ovulation Promise

We are confident that OvuSense will work for you, so if you use it for six full cycles and ovulation is not detected, we will offer you a refund subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. The money-back guarantee is offered under the following conditions for six months after the date of first use:
  2. You have used OvuSense for over 180 days, and not missed an overnight recording except during menses or spotting.
  3. You are 42 years of age or under on the date of purchase.
  4. You have not had any confirmation that ovulation has been detected by OvuSense.
  5. To obtain a refund, you will need to email to give notice of your wish to return OvuSense. Fertility Focus Ltd or our approved distributor will arrange product collection.
  6. The product must be returned in its original packaging, with a valid sales receipt showing the date of purchase.
  7. You must return the product within 60 days of your last day of use.
  8. Fertility Focus Ltd reserves the right to check the data on the returned product to look at the six months of cycle data.
  9. Fertility Focus Ltd or our approved distributor will refund the actual purchase price paid for the product, as shown on the receipt you provide, to the credit/debit card used to make the purchase or by the same method used for the original purchase within 30 days of the date of receipt of the returned product.
  10. If the product is purchased on a payment plan then the refund will be the amount paid up to the date of return.
  11. This money-back guarantee applies to purchases made on this website or from an approved OvuSense distributor.
  12. All sales are subject to our standard terms and conditions.
Best wishes on your fertility journey.