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Swazi Rodgers
"I would definitely recommend using the OvuSense fertility monitor as it's really been an eye opener for me."
Swazi Rogers, UK Blogger Read Swazi's's story
Aileen McEwan
"I can’t believe that I have been left to think that I don’t ever ovulate because 6 or so blood tests say so when in fact maybe it’s because the time was never taken to monitor me more closely to find out what my body is doing. However, now with OvuSense I have the chance to do that on my own!"
Aileen McEwan, 2infertilityandbeyond Read Aileen's story
Victoria Welton
"OvuSense informed me the date that I had ovulated during November 2014. Little did I know that ‘x’ had marked the spot and we had conceived that month! Yes, it resulted in a loss, but we now have far more information than we would have done. Thanks to OvuSense I knew the dates that we could try for conception."
Victoria Welton, Verily Victoria Vocalises Read Victoria's story
"I love that it is so quick! No more weeks and/or months of peeing on a stick or checking your own body temperature! And no more spending loads of money on home test urination kits that I always forget to use! Hoo-rah!"
Susan of Happy Healthy Mumma (blogger) August 2014 Read Susan's story
"Before I fell pregnant I had been using OvuSense as an aide to pinpointing ovulation every month for about a year. I don’t think it would have happened on its as we had been trying for 8 and a half years, so I give a huge thanks to OvuSense."
Rachel @StressedRach Read Rachel's story
“I do want to say that the OvuSense team are absolutely fantastic. They run a great support group are caring and really easy to talk to about absolutely anything. I also had an issue with the OvuSense reader not storing my previous months properly but they were quick on the ball and replaced it the next day!”
Rachel Simons, Blogger, April 2015 Read Rachel's story
“Today, I received my first positive ovulation message on the OvuSense! I am over the moon!!!“
Journey For Family Blogger, 2015 Read more
"The amazing thing about OvuSense is that it will tell you if you haven't ovulated as well as if you have."
Karen Reekie, Blogger, Madhouse of Cats and Babies, March 2015 Read Karen's story