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Cervical Secretions and Natural Fertility

Let’s talk about cervical secretions. Admittedly, not an every day topic of conversationCM, but one that plays such an important role in natural fertility. Hopefully by now you have already started monitoring your temperature every day and if so, this is an excellent step in the right direction to maximising your chances of conception.

However there is more you can do…

What are Cervical Secretions?

As well as basal body temperature changing throughout the cycle in response to hormonal changes, so to does a woman’s cervical secretions. Cervical secretions are totally normal and healthy cervical secretions are a key factor in helping you to determine when you are fertile and likely to conceive.  

How Cervical Secretions Change

Throughout the month you may have noticed that your cervical secretions change in colour and consistency, however do you really understand what your body is telling you about your fertility? If not read on, while we explain what happens to your secretions and how this can help you conceive. Below is an example of the changes that occur in a 28 day cycle, these stages may last longer in a cycle that is greater than 28 days or for not so long in a shorter cycle.  

Stage 1: Cycle Day 1-7

At the beginning of your cycle, during your period you won’t notice any secretions at all, as any that are present are likely to be obscured by your blood loss. After your period finishes it is also normal not to notice any secretions for a few days and this we refer to as ‘dry days’.  

Stage 2: Cycle Day 7-12

Around the second week of your cycle however, you may start to notice secretions in your underwear or when using tissue after using the bathroom. This sudden honest of secretions is caused by the fluctuations in your female sex hormones, namely due to the hormone Oestrogen. At this time the secretions are generally quite scanty and are white and thick in appearance. Any signs of secretions tell you that you are now in your fertile time.  

When you start to notice the early secretions you should be making sure you are having lots of sex. Sperm can live in the right conditions in the vagina, for 5-7 days, just hanging around waiting for ovulation!  

Stage 3: Cycle Day 12-14

As you progress through the month, the secretions will increase in amount and become thinner and cloudy in appearance. As you reach the middle of your cycle you may notice that the secretions become profuse and that they are thin and transparent. Often these secretions are ‘egg white’ in appearance. This is your body telling you that you are about to or are, ovulating. Ovulation only lasts for a finite time, between 12-24 hours. This is Mother Nature giving you a green light and therefore it’s a crucial time to make sure you are having sex!    

Stage 4: Cycle Day 15-17

After ovulation your secretions will return back to the thicker and white coloured secretions for a few days. You will then be aware of an absence of secretions until, if conception does not occur, your next menstrual period.  

By now you should have a good understanding of how your secretions change throughout the month and what this all means. Putting this information together with your temperature recordings will undoubtedly increase your chances of conceiving naturally.

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