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Pamela's story

My fertility journey so far, with OvuSense

My name is Pamela. I`m 34 years old and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 16 years (since I was 18) and this is my fertility story so far...

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14. I had always wondered why my friends would get their period 4 weeks apart on the same day and I never knew when to expect mine! I always had very heavy periods and would be in a lot of pain; I took a trip to my doctor with my mum and she asked what they could do for me. It was then the doctor ordered a blood test for PCOS which confirmed my diagnosis.

Once I had a diagnosis, my doctor said that I would probably have a lot of problems conceiving. My doctor also said there would be help for me with infertility, and I would need to go back when I was older to be referred to an infertility clinic, but for the time being he put me on medication to help control my symptoms. I always wanted to have children from being a little girl and was very sad to find out I might not become a mother one day.

I have tried almost every medication to conceive and had most tests done but never got a clear answer for being unable to conceive. I have had 2 cycles of IVF so far and hope to have a 3rd cycle when I will have frozen embryos transferred. I have suffered 8 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy. It's been an extremely difficult and long fertility journey as you can imagine.

I decided to have a break from the hospital whilst I get my weight down and get my body baby ready and that is when I came across OvuSense monitor and purchased. Using OvuSense is fantastic as I have been able to find out I actually do ovulate but even more so, using OvuSense has shown me to notice hormone changes, which can indicate perimenopause. So, although I have ovulated this month, I will be getting my hormone levels checked as well and that's as a result of using OvuSense and getting to know my body and signs a bit more.

OvuSense has been a Godsend to me as I know now that I ovulate a lot later than I thought. I actually ovulate roughly 4 weeks into my cycle, but always thought it was earlier. I was able to have intercourse with my husband at the right time and, fingers crossed, I will get a positive pregnancy test out of this cycle. If not I have hope and faith that OvuSense will help me a great deal on my journey to motherhood.

Here are my OvuSense charts:




To every woman out there that is beginning there journey through infertility, I would say stick with it you will have mountains to climb and sometimes will struggle to get where you want to be. If you have just been diagnosed with PCOS, please push until you get answers from your doctor as you deserve to be given a chance to have a baby.

OvuSense could help you a great deal through your journey as you will know for sure when your ovulating, which is equally important as you can ask for help sooner vs. wasting time. To all women trying to conceive, I know exactly what you are going through and wish you all lots of luck.

Pamela xx