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Buying OvuSense was a main 'game changer' in my fertility journey!

From an OvuSense User:

"I have to agree, buying OvuSense was the main game changer in my fertility journey.  Without it, I wouldn't have been given the diagnostic tests I have had.  My consultant asked me this morning, "How's the 'egg' (meaning OvuSense) going?"  I showed him my charts from the previous cycles and he said, "Hmmmmm...I'm so impressed.  What's its actual name?"  So, I told him the name was OvuSense and he jotted it down."  Sarah

You can use OvuSense to schedule your doctor's appointments and other fertility treatments like progesterone blood tests, acupuncture appointments, etc.  OvuSense tells you exactly when you ovulated with 99% clinically proven results and shows you your complete cycle pattern.

We never promise pregnancy with OvuSense - that is up to you and your body.  What OvuSense is about is giving you extremely accurate information (sometimes it's not always good news) that you can then 'do' something with and make the changes you need in order to conceive.

That's the power of knowledge and OvuSense.

Best of luck,

Team OvuSense

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