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User Testimonial: Emma, author of ItsMostlyOkay, discusses OvuSense & Secondary Infertility

Emma, author of the "ItsMostlyOkay" blog, discusses her struggles with secondary infertility and how OvuSense has helped her learn more about her cycle in a recent blog.

"During the last, nearly four years now, something I’ve never been 100% certain of is whether or not I’m actually ovulating. We started trying for a second baby back in 2015 and I duly bought and used ovulation sticks, given that they worked literally like a dream when we conceived Olivia. However second time round I found them to be increasingly unreliable. I seemed to get conflicting information from them – either nothing each month or several peak days. This meant I’d start using them really early to try and catch the right day, which ultimately meant spending loads of money."

After looking at numerous fertility tools and devices on the market, Emma decided to purchase OvuSense in December of 2018. In her recent blog, she talks more about her experience and her pros of cons of using OvuSense.

"Ultimately however, pro’s and con’s aside, I think Ovusense is bloody brilliant. It’s something I’ve recommended to quite a few ladies now and at least two have purchased it since. It’s given me such newfound confidence in my body, during a time when I’ve lost confidence because I have felt at times like my body is failing me. I would honestly recommend this to any woman, either starting out on their fertility journey (urgh, I know, what other word to use instead of journey though?!) or to someone like me who was a few years down the line with it all or even to someone who simply wanted to get to grips with their monthly cycle. Hand on heart, it’s a fantastic device and something I wish I had had years ago."

You can read Ems' full blog here and follow along with her updates on her blog: www.itsmostlyokay.com