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Interested in fertility reflexology? Half price consultation for OvuSense users!

My name is Julia Mclellan and I’m a holistic therapist.  I help women (and men) every day with fertility.  I'm here to tell you more about what I do and how I can help you on your fertility journey.  For OvuSense Users, I am offering a special deal too!

I’ve recently done my specialist training in fertility, maternity and baby reflexology and I’m so excited about the future of these therapies, especially fertility reflexology (Reproflexology) which could help so many people struggling to have their babies and to avoid the IVF route.


Reflexology works on the principle that the foot in a map of the body and a reflexologist works certain points on the foot to help certain areas of the body.  These reflex points help clear any energy blockages and send signals along the nervous system.

In November, I completed my training in Reproflexology with Barbara Scott, who developed the techniques to help fertility.  Reproflexology, in a nutshell, works the reflex points of the endocrine system and the reproductive areas also. Reproflexology can help many issues and conditions such as short luteal phase, endometriosis, irregular periods and PCOS.  It works alongside the monthly cycle – there are protocols for each week and Reproflexologists use charting to help understand what is happening with the body.  This is where OvuSense plays an important part.

Many women don’t find it easy to take their basal body temperature every day at the same time every day.  OvuSense makes it so much easier and clearer to see when the client is ovulating so that the correct reflexology protocol is done.  Reproflexology also is helpful for the male conditions too, such as low sperm count/quality etc and it’s recommended that both partners are treated with Reproflexology.  As a Reproflexologist, I also ask questions and give advice about diet and lifestyle which play a major part in fertility.


I became interested in Reproflexology after my own struggles in fertility before I had my now 3-year-old daughter.  I also use OvuSense currently as I am keen to have another child and I know it won’t be easy because of my history and age (I would be now classed as a “geriatric mother”!!) I have been using Ovusense for about 2 months and I’m now on Cycle 3 and I have discovered that my luteal phase is short, which could have explained my previous fertility problems.  I’m hoping, because of this information, I can make changes in my own lifestyle and speak to my doctor and get the exact help I need.

As a special deal, I’m offering Ovusense users a half-price consultation (usually £80 for individuals or £100 per couple). This can be done via a video-link or in person, if not too far from Halifax, UK.  This is an amazing opportunity and as an OvuSense user myself, we can talk about your cycles and your chart in depth during our consultation.

Good luck to everyone on their fertility journey and if you’d like more information about Reproflexology please visit my website www.juliamclellantherapies.com or visit my Facebook and Twitter pages @juliaholistic.