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OvuSense featured in Romper & Scary Mommy!

Summer is coming to a close, and we’ve sure been busy at OvuSense! We were excited to be featured by Romper and Scary Mommy as a top ovulation monitor. Read on to learn more about why we were featured, and how OvuSense can help you track your ovulation...


Trying to conceive can be stressful, from tracking your ovulation to taking the appropriate tests, or finding the right tools that will work for you. Romper reporter Kristina Johnson experienced this first hand when she was trying to get pregnant with her daughter. While tracking your temperature is a common method for figuring out ovulation, many approaches can be “a pain to do on your own,” in her words. 

As Kristina calls out, OvuSense takes much of the hassle out of tracking your temperature at home. Rather than having to do it at the same time every day, as soon as you wake up, and before you’ve moved too much, you simply wear OvuSense overnight and take it out in the morning. It then syncs with your phone, and uses your unique temperature information to give you a predicted fertile window and day of ovulation. 

“There are lots of gadgets on the market these days that claim they can help you get pregnant, but OvuSense has one big thing going for it that some other products don't. It's approved and fully regulated by the FDA here in the U.S., after going through two clinical trials and intensive testing. It's also approved by regulatory bodies in Europe, Canada, and Australia — so you can feel more confident that you're getting a product that's worth the investment.

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Scary Mommy

Whether you’re trying for baby #1, #2, or #5, Scary Mommy highlights the best ovulation trackers to help you track your cycle. We were excited to have OvuSense recognized as the best ovulation tracker for irregular cycles! 

“While it’s great for women with normal cycles, it can be particularly beneficial for women with PCOS who may find it challenging to determine their ovulation window through traditional tests." 

Because OvuSense uses core body temperature and in-cycle data, it is able to predict ovulation in real-time rather than relying on calendar-based algorithms. This means it works for women with regular ovulation cycles, and those who may be experiencing an ovulatory condition or irregular cycles. Learn more about how OvuSense works with irregular cycles here.