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What is Prolactin, and Could it be Affecting Your Fertility? image
01 December 2020
What is Prolactin, and Could it be Affecting Your Fertility?
If you're struggling with an anovulatory cycle but haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, you may want to get your prolactin levels checked. When elevated, this lactogenic hormone can have a big impact on your fertility. Read on to learn more about diagnosing and treating this little-known infertility culprit.
Guest Blog: Three Tips for Optimizing Your Cycle Tracking image
23 November 2020
Guest Blog: Three Tips for Optimizing Your Cycle Tracking
Georgie Kovacs advocates for all women’s health topics ensuring women access the right information to optimally advocate for themselves. Here she highlights three areas to be mindful of as you track your cycle.
Guest Blog – International Men’s Day: Spotlight on Male Fertility image
19 November 2020
Guest Blog – International Men’s Day: Spotlight on Male Fertility
When it comes to infertility there is a lot of focus on the female side. This, however, is only half of the equation, it takes two to make a baby, so sperm health is equally significant. Here are some things you can do to improve sperm health if you're trying to conceive.

Endometriosis Awareness Month takes place across the globe during the month of March with a mission to raise awareness of a disease that affects an estimated 200 million women worldwide....

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Endometriosis Awareness Month - Nurses & Advocates Speak Out image

While many women aren’t diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) until later in life, some women find out as they are first starting their period – often without a proper explanation of what this means for their health or future fertility. ...

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The Road to Understanding Infertility image

Celebrated on March 8th each year, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to recognize women who have made a difference in our past and continue to shape our society today....

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International Women’s Day 2020: Recognizing Women Who Are Changing the Dialogue Around Infertility image

Katrina, who authors the blog "Optimistically Hopeful" shares her experience with infertility. Read on to learn more about her journey, why she decided to give OvuSense a try, and how it's helped her so far. ...

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Testimonial: Katrina, blogger at Optimistically Hopeful, on how OvuSense helped her take control of her fertility image

Ovulation Induction is a type of fertility treatment that requires medication to encourage the ovaries to release eggs ready for fertilisation; either as part of a natural home conception or more commonly used within a tailored fertility treatment schedule such as IUI....

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Guest Blog: What Is Ovulation Induction and How Does It Work? image

If you’re trying to conceive, you likely spend a good amount of time thinking about what you can do to increase your fertility. The truth is that not only can your fertility be impacted by the environment around you, but going through infertility can have unintended impacts on other areas of your life as well. ...

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Fertility Tips Part 3 - How Your Relationships Can Impact Your Fertility image

Infertility can be an isolating experience, and one blogger, Carmen, recently broke her silence to share her experience with PCOS and infertility, and provide support for others who might be going through the same thing. ...

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Testimonial: Carmen from Living Letter Home Shares Her “Journey With This Infertility Crap” image

If you are trying to conceive, it’s very likely that you have given some consideration to your current health. However, have you actually spent any time considering how healthy and fertile your mind is right now?...

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Fertility Tips Part 2 - How Your Mindset Impacts Fertility image

A 30 year-old with hypothyroidism and PCOS, shares how after a long time trying and working with doctors, OvuSense helped her find her ovulation window and eventually et her BFP. ...

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Testimonial: One Woman Learns the Value of Her Ovulation Date With OvuSense image

OvuSense user and holistic health practitioner Priscilla G. shares why being an advocate for your health is one of the most important things you can do now for your future self and why you should believe in what you are feeling. ...

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Guest Blog: Priscilla G. On Advocating For Yourself and Your Fertility image

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