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Progesterone and Temperature: Facts and Misconceptions image
22 September 2020
Progesterone and Temperature: Facts and Misconceptions
Progesterone is often misunderstood by medical professionals. While it is thought that progesterone rises after ovulation, we have seen through our clinical trials that it rises during ovulation. OvuSense is the only clinical ovulation monitor on the market that accurately tracks the rise and fall of progeste...
How To Bring Your OvuSense Data To Your Doctor image
21 September 2020
How To Bring Your OvuSense Data To Your Doctor
For hundreds (if not thousands) of years, women have been taking their fertility into their own hands and exploring ways to boost their fertility outside of the traditional doctor’s office. Whether that is through ancient methods like acupuncture, time-proven vitamins and supplements, or more modern diet and lif...
User Testimonial: Vlogger Miranda J. Shares her Fertility Journey image
14 September 2020
User Testimonial: Vlogger Miranda J. Shares her Fertility Journey
Miranda's August 2020 Update: "I am currently 14 weeks along and we are thrilled. Without the help from OvuSense we would not have gotten here. I ended up getting pregnant on our 3rd IUI. My first 2 IUIs attempts our doctor told us that day 14 would be our best day to do the IUI. With the aid of OvuSense I...

"Often all you hear is how little chance of conceiving naturally you have once you hit your forties but there is so much you can do through nutrition to change that!" Find out more about Rachel's OvuSense journey or keep reading to find out more about different types of infertility in women. &nb...

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What are the different types of infertility in women? image

“When I started this journey, I swear my husband knew more about ovulating than I did, so there was definitely a learning curve in trying to muddle through all the information available online to find a solution that would work for me,”  Find out more about Stephanie's OvuSense journey, or ...

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How do you know if you are ovulating? image

Did you know that September is PCOS Awareness Month? Despite the fact that PCOS affects as many as 1 in 10 women, many people go their entire lives without receiving a diagnosis or even knowing what this condition is. And even if you are formally diagnosed, you may still have a lot of question...

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PCOS 101: What is it, how you can cope,  and how OvuSense Pro can help image

“The fact that I could even get pregnant in the first place after years of working with fertility specialists and seeing no results gives me such hope for the future. The information that OvuSense provides about my unique cycle and when I ovulate has been invaluable.” Find out more about Rac...

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What happens on ovulation day? image

After just a few OvuSense cycles my biggest fear was confirmed, I was not ovulating! That was so heartbreaking to find out because it made me feel like it was my fault we weren’t conceiving. I started making healthier food choices and incorporating some supplements, while still temping with OvuSen...

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What does infertility mean? image

We're so happy and excited to be pregnant! Just three cycles and it happened for us - we are proof that miracles can happen.  Find out more about Sharlayne and Lori's OvuSense journey, or read on for the blog. Although an increase in body temperature is experienced during pregnancy, it should ...

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Can you tell if you're pregnant with body temperature? image

By Tami Smith, founder of Fit Healthy Momma Ovulation is a highly misunderstood and greatly underestimated part of the journey to parenthood. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015 while trying to conceive my first child. What took me years to figure out, I believe could have been resolved had I had inte...

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Guest Blog: How Using Home Ovulation Tracking Tools Can Give You Control Between Your Doctor’s Visits image

“The OvuSense data showed I was ovulating on days 16-17 of my cycle – not day 14 like most people. It was really nice to see that not everyone does ovulate on day 14 and have the data to back me up.” Find out more about Katie's OvuSense journey, or read on for the blog.     &nbs...

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Does your temperature drop before ovulation? image

2020 has been a stressful year for all of us. Between COVID-19, an economic downturn, and other societal issues, it’s totally normal to feel a heightened sense of stress or anxiety at the uncertainty around us.  You may have found that all this stress has impacted your mental health, your relat...

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Stress And Your Cycle: How To Track The Impact & Reduce The Effects Of Stress image

“The more I was able to voice what was going on with my fertility, the more I found people who were willing to talk with me about it and give me the outlet I needed apart from the online communities I was apart of.” Read more about Sarah's OvuSense journey or scroll down for the blog.  ...

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Can I get pregnant five days after my period? image

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