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Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility image
24 June 2020
Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility
Let’s talk about cervical secretions. Admittedly, not an everyday topic of conversation, but one that plays such an important role in natural fertility. If you’re just starting to think about trying to get pregnant, the concept of tracking your cervical mucus might be totally foreign – and may even make you ...
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense image
18 June 2020
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense
Like many women, Sarah spent her 20s trying NOT to get pregnant, assuming that when she was ready, she would be able to conceive. But after experiencing irregular cycles her whole life, she quickly realized that her journey to motherhood wasn’t going to be as straightforward as she had hoped.  After being diagn...
Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer. image
16 June 2020
Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer.
By: Amara Lindenmayer Ovulatory infertility is the leading cause of infertility, causing at least 30% of cases. Having an anovulatory cycle (a menstrual cycle where your body doesn’t release an egg) is actually very common, about one-third of regular cycles are anovulatory! While this isn’t always a problem, i...
28 May 2020
Did You Know You Can Talk to an OvuSense Nurse? Meet Our Clinical Team & Learn About Your User Perks

At OvuSense, we’re committed to empowering women with comprehensive information about their fertility cycle at home. But sometimes, we know you might need more. That’s why we also offer all our users a FREE consultation with a fertility nurse after three cycles. These nurses are well versed in OvuSense, and can help you understand how to analyze your charts or detect cycle patterns from your data each month. Given their extensive backgrounds in fertility and holistic health, they can also discuss how lifestyle changes can impact your cycle. 

We may be biased, but we think this is a great benefit! To make you feel more comfortable taking advantage of this consultation, we wanted to introduce you to our fertility nurses, and provide some insight on why they got involved with OvuSense in the first place. From starting as users themselves, to finding the device 20 years into their careers, we hope their stories provide confidence that we’ve got your back along your fertility journey. 

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28 May 2020
Can PCOS start at any age?
PCOS, or polycistic ovary syndrome, can affect one in ten women - but at what age does it start? PCOS is a complex condition, and Fertility Consultant Kate Davies demystifies some of the causes and treatments of PCOS, and at what time it it likely to start showing symptoms.
26 May 2020
Can PCOS go away?
PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a condition that around 10% of women live with. But can it go away, how do you treat it, and what issues can it cause with trying to get pregnant? Fertility Consultant Kate Davies gives us more information.
24 May 2020
How do you use a fertility monitor?
You may have heard that a fertility monitor could help you if you are trying to get pregnant - but how to fertility monitors work and how do you use them? Fertility Consultant Kate Davies gives us more information!
20 May 2020
How do you take a fertility test?
Have you been trying to get pregnant but haven't managed to so far? It might be a good idea to take a fertility test to see if there are other factors making it more difficult for you. Read our quick guide on the different ways you can take a fertility test.
19 May 2020
What happens if you don't take prenatals?
Have you not been able to find prenatals? Or maybe you've just realised your pregnant and haven't taken any prenatals yet - what should you do? Fertility Consultant Kate Davies gives more information on what prenatals you should take and when during your pregnancy.
17 May 2020
What should I eat to get pregnant fast?
Are you looking to get pregnant? Although eating certain foods won't guarantee that you will get pregnant faster, eating some foods and avoiding others could help your body prepare for a baby.
16 May 2020
How do I know my chances of getting pregnant?
If you've never tried to get pregnant before, or if you've been on contraception for years, how will you know your chances of getting pregnant? Fertility Consultant Kate Davies has put together a handy list of things to bear in mind if you're worried that you might need help conceiving.
14 May 2020
Is There a Connection Between Sleep and Fertility?

Who doesn’t love when their head hits the pillow after a long day. Sleeping is a beloved necessity that allows us to rest and recharge before starting a new day. However, did you know that sleep can play an important part in our lives, not only affecting our energy levels, but also our quality of life, health, and even, fertility? 

If you’re having trouble conceiving, the list of things you can try may seem endless, including taking certain vitamins, reducing your caffeine intake, and making changes to your exercise regime. But, you may not have been told that sleep may actually have an effect on your ability to get pregnant. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep can help refresh your body, while also regulating important fertility-related hormones.

While more research needs to be done to determine the full effect that sleep can have on a person’s fertility, one study found that women who suffer from insomnia are four times more likely to struggle with infertility compared to those who are more well-rested. 

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13 May 2020
What should I do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?
Are you trying to get pregnant and want to give yourself the best chance? There are lots of hints and tips you can follow to help you get pregnant, and we've asked Fertility Consultant Kate Davies to give you some advice. Read on to find out more!

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