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Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility image
24 June 2020
Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility
Let’s talk about cervical secretions. Admittedly, not an everyday topic of conversation, but one that plays such an important role in natural fertility. If you’re just starting to think about trying to get pregnant, the concept of tracking your cervical mucus might be totally foreign – and may even make you ...
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense image
18 June 2020
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense
Like many women, Sarah spent her 20s trying NOT to get pregnant, assuming that when she was ready, she would be able to conceive. But after experiencing irregular cycles her whole life, she quickly realized that her journey to motherhood wasn’t going to be as straightforward as she had hoped.  After being diagn...
Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer. image
16 June 2020
Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer.
By: Amara Lindenmayer Ovulatory infertility is the leading cause of infertility, causing at least 30% of cases. Having an anovulatory cycle (a menstrual cycle where your body doesn’t release an egg) is actually very common, about one-third of regular cycles are anovulatory! While this isn’t always a problem, i...
12 May 2020
What pregnancy supplements should I take?
If you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, taking prenatals is a good way to give you and your baby the best chance of being healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy. Read our guide by fertility consultant Kate Davies on which supplements you should take for healthy baby development!
11 May 2020
Staying Sane In Quarantine - With Or Without Kids

Some OvuSense users are trying to conceive for the first time, but others may be dealing with secondary infertility and have children at home.

For many people, the coronavirus has turned our lives and routines upside down. Some of our users are working from home or even out of work temporarily, missing their regular activities, or coping with the stress of cancelled fertility medical appointments. Others with children at home may be dealing with the added challenges of closed schools and loss of child care. 

As we continue to live in some degree of “quarantine” for the foreseeable future, we understand you may be losing patience — and that’s okay! Below are some things to consider to help you get through, and put you in a good place when things return to normal. Continue reading

08 May 2020
From PCOS to BFP: How OvuSense Helped Maggie Learn She Wasn’t Ovulating

After trying to get pregnant naturally for a year with no success, Maggie took matters into her own hands and diagnosed herself with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. After her doctor confirmed this diagnosis, Maggie started Metformin and began researching an ovulation tracker that would work with her irregular cycles. 

After finding OvuSense, she learned valuable information about her cycle that ultimately helped her conceive. Read more about Maggie’s journey to her BFP below: 

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04 May 2020
How to Find Your Ovulation Window at Home

When you’re trying to get pregnant, the most important thing you can do to boost your chances of success is learning when you ovulate. With many of us spending more time at home, now is a great time to learn what your cycle is doing naturally. 

If you’ve never tracked your periods before, that’s a good first step, but for fertility, ovulation is really what matters. It can be difficult to know when this key event will happen: different people have different lengths of cycle, so there’s no single ‘correct’ answer. It’s also possible to have an irregular cycle, so it’s different from month to month.


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29 April 2020
Do you need to take vitamins after 12 weeks of pregnancy?
Prenatal supplements are often recommended by doctors and nurses, but what is less certain is how long you should be taking supplements. We talk to Fertility Consultant Kate Davies to about the best time to take fertility supplements.
29 April 2020
Do fertility monitors work?
Fertility consultant Laura Davies explains what a fertility monitor is, what it does, and looks at the differences between different fertility monitors and how accurate they are. If you want to learn more about fertility monitors and how they can help you conceive, read on!
29 April 2020
Does holding your legs up help you get pregnant?
You've heard it before, but does holding your legs up after sex make it more likely for you to get pregnant, or is it just an old wive's tale? Fertility Consultant Laura Davies tells all on what does - and doesn't - increase chances of conceiving.
29 April 2020
Do I have to take prenatal vitamins my whole pregnancy?
It is widely recommended that pregnant women take supplements in order to aid their baby's healthy development - but which supplements should you take, and for how long? Fertility Consultant Laura Davies gives us the answers!
29 April 2020
Can PCOS cause abdominal pain?
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a medical condition that can make getting pregnant more difficult, but there are other symptoms associated with PCOS. Does it cause abdominal pain, and what other issues can it cause?
29 April 2020
What is PCOS?
If you’ve exhausted all advice for getting pregnant but you’re still not able to increase fertility, you might have PCOS. Although it might seem scary, you can live with and manage your PCOS - we look at what it is, and other ways you can seek help getting pregnant.

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