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Progesterone and Temperature: Facts and Misconceptions image
22 September 2020
Progesterone and Temperature: Facts and Misconceptions
Progesterone is often misunderstood by medical professionals. While it is thought that progesterone rises after ovulation, we have seen through our clinical trials that it rises during ovulation. OvuSense is the only clinical ovulation monitor on the market that accurately tracks the rise and fall of progeste...
How To Bring Your OvuSense Data To Your Doctor image
21 September 2020
How To Bring Your OvuSense Data To Your Doctor
For hundreds (if not thousands) of years, women have been taking their fertility into their own hands and exploring ways to boost their fertility outside of the traditional doctor’s office. Whether that is through ancient methods like acupuncture, time-proven vitamins and supplements, or more modern diet and lif...
User Testimonial: Vlogger Miranda J. Shares her Fertility Journey image
14 September 2020
User Testimonial: Vlogger Miranda J. Shares her Fertility Journey
Miranda's August 2020 Update: "I am currently 14 weeks along and we are thrilled. Without the help from OvuSense we would not have gotten here. I ended up getting pregnant on our 3rd IUI. My first 2 IUIs attempts our doctor told us that day 14 would be our best day to do the IUI. With the aid of OvuSense I...

I'm one of those ladies with PCOS who was told that I would never have kids without intervention. In addition to using OvuSense, I ate a very specific diet and I finally got my BFP! Read more about Roxy's OvuSense journey or keep reading for the blog.           Polycy...

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Is PCOS serious? image

On our 14th cycle I thought we'd missed my ovulation but OvuSense showed me that I was still ovulating - and we got pregnant - I had finally gotten a BFP! Please, ladies, do not give up hope.  Read more about Paulina's OvuSense journey, or read on to get to the blog.        ...

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Which are the best pregnancy vitamins? image

With OvuSense, I was able to see that I had already ovulated and the IUI I had planned would have been performed too late. This little monitor has saved me some big bucks and I cannot express how grateful I am for OvuSense.  Read more about Katrina's OvuSense journey or read on for the blog. ...

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When should you start taking Folic Acid? image

I can’t stress this enough – OvuSense works. Yes it does. Whether your cycles are 28 days or 128 days, OvuSense is super accurate. I’ve even shown it to my doctor to prove a thing or two. Find out more about Carmen's OvuSense journey or read on for the blog.         &...

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What are the first signs of PCOS? image

Infertility can be draining, regardless of how long you’ve been trying to conceive, but for one woman, this journey has gone on for longer than two decades. Beya has PCOS, and has been trying to get pregnant for 21 years.  After struggling to track her ovulation using oral BBT and OPKs, Beya...

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After 21 Years of Trying to Conceive, The Third Cycle Was the Charm for Beya image

At OvuSense, our goal has always been to empower women along their fertility journey, but we know that for many people, we are only one piece of the puzzle. Whether you’re working with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, Naturopathic Fertility Specialist, or your regular OB/GYN, we want to make it...

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Getting More Out Of Your Data - Introducing OvuSense Pro image

I am pleased to say that after 1.5yrs of trying to conceive, with unexplained infertility, I just got my BFP!  We came across OvuSense 6 months ago and figured what the heck, we’ll try it. Well finally on cycle 6 I get a call confirming my BFP blood results! Find out more about Jenna's OvuS...

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When should I start taking pregnancy vitamins and minerals? image

I have multiple friends that told me when they used OvuSense it took about 2-5 cycles and they all got pregnant. So I knew I had nothing to lose. Once we ordered OvuSense, we started as soon as it arrived. I went through 3 cycles and on April 1st, 2019 – yes, April Fools Day – we found out w...

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How will you know if you have PCOS? image

I used OvuSense during my fertility treatment and found that it gave me a feeling of control throughout the process even though I was in the hands of the clinic. At the start of the treatment, the clinic dismissed my charts as a gimmick, but as time went on they were referring to my charts, an...

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What is the best fertility monitor? image

Molly initially thought that it would be easy to get pregnant, but she quickly realized that was not the case. After years of medications, blood tests, and OPKs, she was still having no luck. As she lives in the UK, she knew she would have to wait a while for an IVF referral – but she was afraid...

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Finally the answer: How OvuSense helped Molly when doctors, drugs, and test kits could not image

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