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Fertility Treatments On Hold? Here’s What You Can Be Doing Now at Home image
02 April 2020
Fertility Treatments On Hold? Here’s What You Can Be Doing Now at Home
As the world grapples with how to best control the spread of the novel coronavirus, one thing is consistent – we are all being advised to stay at home. Unfortunately, this means that many non-emergency medical appointments are also being postponed, including fertility treatments. If this is affecting you, we ar...
After Over a Decade of Trying, Fate (and OvuSense) Stepped in for Paulina… image
24 March 2020
After Over a Decade of Trying, Fate (and OvuSense) Stepped in for Paulina…
After 10+ years of trying to conceive, and always being told that IVF would be their only option, Paulina and her husband had all but given up hope that they would be able to conceive naturally. But on their 14th cycle of trying, the universe had different plans. Read more about this couple’s journey to parentho...
Nurses & Advocates Speak Out for Endometriosis Awareness Month image
20 March 2020
Nurses & Advocates Speak Out for Endometriosis Awareness Month
Endometriosis Awareness Month takes place across the globe during the month of March with a mission to raise awareness of a disease which affects an estimated 200 million women worldwide. Similar to infertility, this condition can hold a lot of stigma so women are often anxious to speak openly about their experien...
12 September 2019
OvuSense featured in Romper & Scary Mommy!

Summer is coming to a close, and we’ve sure been busy at OvuSense! We were excited to be featured by Romper and Scary Mommy as a top ovulation monitor. Read on to learn more about why we were featured, and how OvuSense can help you track your ovulation...


Trying to conceive can be stressful, from tracking your ovulation to taking the appropriate tests, or finding the right tools that will work for you. Romper reporter Kristina Johnson experienced this first hand when she was trying to get pregnant with her daughter. While tracking your temperature is a common method for figuring out ovulation, many approaches can be “a pain to do on your own,” in her words. 

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09 September 2019
FemTech: 5 Things Clinicians Should Know

In today’s digital age, many people’s first instinct is to immediately hop on Dr. Google when faced with a diagnosis or health situation they don’t fully understand. While this provides seemingly endless information, it can be hard for clinicians and other members of the care team to stay up to date on all the new tools and technology on the market, and what offers true clinical value. This is particularly true in women’s health, which has seen almost $1 billion in funding over the last three years and a surge in new tools and technology on the market.

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19 August 2019
Homeopathic Fertility Treatments: Acupuncture, reflexology & more

With the rise of more testing and data in healthcare, it seems like infertility is becoming more common. This may be due to the rising age of parenthood across the globe, environmental issues, or a slew of other issues. Conventional infertility treatments can be extremely expensive and complicated, so many who struggle with infertility seek alternative solutions that are more manageable.

As a result, we’re seeing growing interest in homeopathic or natural fertility treatments, such as acupuncture, reflexology, or herbal supplements. While there remains some scepticism about these therapies and their effectiveness in improving fertility, a growing body of research supports the impact they can have. 

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08 August 2019
OvuSense Featured in Spermcast!

Trying to get pregnant can be complicated enough, but can be even more difficult if you're doing it on your own. Molly Hawkey is 40, single, living in LA, and has decided this is exactly what she's going to do. She started Spermcast to document her journey of trying to find a sperm donor, going through fertility treatments, and everything in between. The podcast has been featured in the Washington Post, HuffPo, and more for bringing awareness to the concept of single motherhood by choice.

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31 July 2019
Fertility in Your 40s: What You Need to Know

The average age for first-time mothers in the US and UK has been steadily rising for decades. Due to the increasing cost of living, more education (& debt), and growing career opportunities for women – along with a slew of other reasons – it’s no surprise that many people are now waiting until they feel more financially stable to grow their families. In many cases, this means that women may not start trying to have children until their 40s. 

While there are some health risks to pregnancy as you age, we wanted to take a minute to review the facts about fertility in your 40s. Not sure what you need to know, why it may be harder to get pregnant, or signs to watch out for? Read on… 

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18 July 2019
OvuSense featured in Pretty Progressive as Top Ovulation Monitor!

OvuSense is honored to be recognized by Pretty Progressive as one of the best fertility apps on the market today, and the most reliable ovulation app!

We understand TTC can be a difficult and confusing time and are committed to providing accurate information about each woman's unique ovulation cycles based on her own temperature data. It has been shown that calendar methods of predicting ovulation don't work for most women, and we believe you should be able to expect a more personalized fertility solution.

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15 July 2019
On the second month of trying with OvuSense, I got my BFP at 10DPO!!!! 

We’ve been trying for the last two years to conceive our fourth and final child.  My OH and I both come from very old families with no children whatsoever. We’re the youngest ones 40+. We’ve been swaying for boy and even did gender selection IVF abroad. Two embryos transferred but it still resulted in a BFN.

It has been a heartache for a long time.  Looking back, invasive IVF really upset me at the time too.  In the end, we just wanted to have a baby, either a baby girl or boy.  Unfortunately, we were still unable to conceive naturally.  In the past, I’ve had back to back pregnancies and didn’t make any real effort in conceiving.

I saw OvuSense on my Instagram newsfeed and got very excited to be able to pinpoint my Ovulation day.  Boom!  On the second month of trying with OvuSense, I got my BFP at 10DPO!!!!  We’re over the moon and we don’t really mind the gender of the baby anymore.  We’re feeling so grateful about being able to conceive as I’m 40 years old now.

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11 July 2019
User Testimonial: Emma, author of ItsMostlyOkay, discusses OvuSense & Secondary Infertility

Emma, author of the "ItsMostlyOkay" blog, discusses her struggles with secondary infertility and how OvuSense has helped her learn more about her cycle in a recent blog.

"During the last, nearly four years now, something I’ve never been 100% certain of is whether or not I’m actually ovulating. We started trying for a second baby back in 2015 and I duly bought and used ovulation sticks, given that they worked literally like a dream when we conceived Olivia. However second time round I found them to be increasingly unreliable. I seemed to get conflicting information from them – either nothing each month or several peak days. This meant I’d start using them really early to try and catch the right day, which ultimately meant spending loads of money."

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02 July 2019
User Testimonial: Vlogger Miranda J. Shares her Fertility Journey

Miranda began her fertility journey in 2015 and was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in 2016. 

Since then, she and her husband Tyler, who is in the military and frequently travels, have visited several doctors in the hopes of getting pregnant. After recently finding a new reproductive endocrinologist closer to their home, they’re now beginning a new regimen of medications that help stimulate ovulation and using OvuSense to learn more about her cycle. Earlier this year she started a YouTube channel to chronicle her journey and share some of the challenges that have come with the diagnosis.

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25 June 2019
Understanding the Lingo of Online Communities

As access to information and online resources continues to grow, online groups around specific healthcare topics are also popping up – particularly around infertility. Many people in these groups find solace in talking with a group of individuals who know exactly what they’re going through, which they may not have in their existing support system of friends and family. Even if they do, it can be helpful to talk to others outside your immediate circle where you can be bluntly honest about how often you BD [baby dance], or the insane thing your DP [darling partner] said. 

Not sure about these acronyms? Many aren’t when they first start looking through online support groups. For any newbies out there first dipping their toes into fertility communities online, it can seem like you have to learn a whole new language. But with a few basic acronyms under your belt, you’ll be able to quickly find your own CB [cycle buddy] in these networks! 

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