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Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility image
24 June 2020
Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility
Let’s talk about cervical secretions. Admittedly, not an everyday topic of conversation, but one that plays such an important role in natural fertility. If you’re just starting to think about trying to get pregnant, the concept of tracking your cervical mucus might be totally foreign – and may even make you ...
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense image
18 June 2020
Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Shares Her Journey with OvuSense
Like many women, Sarah spent her 20s trying NOT to get pregnant, assuming that when she was ready, she would be able to conceive. But after experiencing irregular cycles her whole life, she quickly realized that her journey to motherhood wasn’t going to be as straightforward as she had hoped.  After being diagn...
Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer. image
16 June 2020
Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer.
By: Amara Lindenmayer Ovulatory infertility is the leading cause of infertility, causing at least 30% of cases. Having an anovulatory cycle (a menstrual cycle where your body doesn’t release an egg) is actually very common, about one-third of regular cycles are anovulatory! While this isn’t always a problem, i...
29 April 2020
How can I increase fertility?
To increase fertility, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars trying to boost fertility. We share some of the best tips to help you get pregnant, and explore the importance of using an ovulation tracker.
29 April 2020
What is a fertility monitor?
Need help getting pregnant? Boost your fertility with our ovulation tracker, a fertility monitor which gives you complete control over how you track your ovulation cycle, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.
29 April 2020
Can you still get pregnant if the sperm comes out?
If you need help getting pregnant then don’t worry - there are things to help you conceive and boost fertility. We explore some of the myths around getting pregnant, and look at how monitoring your ovulation can help increase fertility.
29 April 2020
How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?
If you’re looking for ways to increase fertility, there are certain things you can do to help you get pregnant. Getting pregnant doesn’t have to be a stressful process - we explore the different ways you can boost fertility with Fertility Consultant Kate Davies.
23 April 2020
Doctors Told Her She’d Never Have Kids Naturally – Roxy Had A Different Idea

Every week, we see stories of women who have been empowered by the information that OvuSense gave them about their own cycles in our Facebook User’s Group. While many of these women are still trying to conceive, we also see a lot of new OvuSense babies every week. Recently, one woman’s story stood out, as it represents the journey many of our users go through before they are able to grow their families. 

Roxy R. has PCOS, and was always told she would never have kids. Taking this statement as a call to action, she worked hard to change her lifestyle to give her the best possible chance of conception. Thanks to using OvuSense, she was able to see how these lifestyle changes were impacting her cycle, giving her the motivation to continue. Read on to hear about Roxy’s journey to her big fat positive (BFP) in her own words… 


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17 April 2020
National Infertility Awareness Week – How You Can Get Involved

In the United States, approximately 10% or 6.1 million women have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. Despite how common an experience fertility challenges may be, many women don’t feel comfortable discussing infertility and their personal experiences with others. Instead, many choose to head to the internet to learn from others outside their immediate circle of friends and family, to learn from other women and find others who share their same experiences. 

As we navigate the COVID-19 epidemic, these online communities and resources are more important than ever as you navigate your fertility journey. In honor of this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week on April 19-25, we at OvuSense want to help celebrate, educate, connect and empower women from around the world and at all phases of their fertility journey. 

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13 April 2020
Ways To Stay Positive While At Home

During challenging times, it’s very easy to get bogged down with negativity. Feelings of hope, anxiety, and complete devastation are already often part of trying to conceive. However, amidst the spread of the coronavirus and with much of our lives — including our jobs, routines, and even fertility treatments – currently on hold,  it can make existing stress feel simply overwhelming. The fact of the matter is that you are not alone!

For the team at OvuSense, our mission has always been about more than just helping women get pregnant — it is about supporting people in all phases of their fertility journeys, building community, and empowering women to be their best selves. As the coronavirus leaves many people stuck at home, we wanted to share some ways you can stay positive while making meaningful changes to emerge from this crisis as a better you.

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09 April 2020
How To Use Your HSA/FSA Funds For Fertility Support

As fertility treatments are currently on hold, there are still things you can be doing at home to learn more about your cycle and provide valuable information for when your treatments begin again. One of these things is using a fertility monitor, like OvuSense. 

Even better, you may be able to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to cover the cost. Both of these accounts can be used to cover or reimburse the purchase of many products and services associated with fertility treatment.


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06 April 2020
Nine Accounts to Follow for Some “Infertility Positivity” During Coronavius 

As the novel coronavirus continues to disrupt everyday life and puts many of our fertility journeys on hold, it can be hard to stay positive. While each situation is different, we understand those overarching feelings of frustration, uncertainty, and lack of control. 

To help you stay hopeful and harness positive energy, we are highlighting Instagram accounts that are continuing to share positive vibes. These accounts include those in our #TTCcommunity, those struggling with infertility, and professionals working in the fertility field. 

Practicing social distancing can result in a lot of time spent on social media, so let’s make sure to follow those that can lift us up - maybe even make us laugh - and stay hopeful during these trying times. We hope you find these accounts as helpful and inspiring as we do. 

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02 April 2020
Fertility Treatments On Hold? Here’s What You Can Be Doing Now at Home

As the world grapples with how to best control the spread of the novel coronavirus, one thing is consistent – we are all being advised to stay at home. Unfortunately, this means that many non-emergency medical appointments are also being postponed, including fertility treatments. If this is affecting you, we are so sorry for the frustration you may be feeling. 

When you’re trying to conceive, even a delay of a few weeks can feel like an eternity. However, there are a few things you can be doing at home to be working towards understanding and improving your fertility until your regular care resumes. 


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