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New Year's Resolutions that are Supportive of Ovulation and Fertility image
19 January 2021
New Year's Resolutions that are Supportive of Ovulation and Fertility
The New Year often brings with it many resolutions, especially when it comes to diet and lifestyle. Here, Registered Nutritional Therapist Jen Walpole offers her advice on which resolutions to try and which ones to avoid this January.
Fertility Tips Part 3 - How Relationships Can Impact Your Fertility image
15 January 2021
Fertility Tips Part 3 - How Relationships Can Impact Your Fertility
If you’re trying to conceive, you likely spend a good amount of time thinking about what you can do to increase your fertility. The truth is that not only can your fertility be impacted by the environment around you, but going through infertility can have unintended impacts on other areas of your life as well. 
What is the Thyroid and How Does it Affect Fertility? image
13 January 2021
What is the Thyroid and How Does it Affect Fertility?
With January being Thyroid Awareness Month, it's important to know the function of the thyroid, how it can affect your fertility, and some tips that may help prevent thyroid problems.

If you’re struggling to get pregnant and think fertility issues might be at play, it might ease your mind to know that if this is the case, you’re certainly not alone....

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What are the different types of infertility in women? image

Knowing that you’re ovulating is useful information if you’re trying to get pregnant. Although some women claim to know that they are ovulating just by detecting subtle bodily changes themselves, this method of ovulation tracking isn’t reliable and not an option for most women....

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How do you know if you are ovulating? image

Despite the fact that PCOS affects as many as 1 in 10 women, many people go their entire lives without receiving a diagnosis or even knowing what this condition is. We explain more about PCOS and provide strategies to cope with the symptoms....

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PCOS 101: What is PCOS? What are the symptoms? How can OvuSense help? image

Many women know that they should be ovulating, but they don’t actually know much about what ovulation even is, or how they’ll know when they are ovulating....

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What happens on ovulation day? image

First of all, what is infertility? Some couples will experience difficulty in their pregnancy attempts. When a couple do not seem to be able to conceive despite having regular unprotected sex, this is called infertility....

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What does infertility mean? image

Although an increase in body temperature is experienced during pregnancy, it should not be relied upon to determine whether or not you’re pregnant. A pregnancy test is a more accurate indicator....

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Can you tell if you're pregnant with body temperature? image

Tami Smith, the founder of Fit Healthy Momma, shares her thoughts on the importance of using fertility technology at home so that you can better understand your cycles, track how your body is responding to treatment, and take control of your journey in between doctor’s visits and fertility treatments....

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Guest Blog: Using At-Home Ovulation Trackers Between Your Doctor’s Visits image

People often talk about a woman’s body temperature dropping before ovulation, but is this true? And what does this mean? It is the case that before ovulation, women’s body temperatures are on average lower than they are after ovulation....

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Does your temperature drop before ovulation? image

You may not know that stress can affect your cycle, but while you might not be able to eliminate the stress you’re feeling, but there are steps you can take to reduce the effects of the stress and get your reproductive health back on track....

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Stress And Your Cycle: How To Track The Impact & Reduce The Effects Of Stress image

Wondering if you can get pregnant five days before your period? Long story short, yes! Most discussions regarding conception center around ovulation, which is assumed to take place on Day 14 of your cycle. This is because an egg needs to be released from an ovary into the fallopian tubes for fertilization to take place. ...

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Can I get pregnant five days after my period? image

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