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What is Prolactin, and Could it be Affecting Your Fertility? image
01 December 2020
What is Prolactin, and Could it be Affecting Your Fertility?
If you're struggling with an anovulatory cycle but haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, you may want to get your prolactin levels checked. When elevated, this lactogenic hormone can have a big impact on your fertility. Read on to learn more about diagnosing and treating this little-known infertility culprit.
Guest Blog: Three Tips for Optimizing Your Cycle Tracking image
23 November 2020
Guest Blog: Three Tips for Optimizing Your Cycle Tracking
Georgie Kovacs advocates for all women’s health topics ensuring women access the right information to optimally advocate for themselves. Here she highlights three areas to be mindful of as you track your cycle.
Guest Blog – International Men’s Day: Spotlight on Male Fertility image
19 November 2020
Guest Blog – International Men’s Day: Spotlight on Male Fertility
When it comes to infertility there is a lot of focus on the female side. This, however, is only half of the equation, it takes two to make a baby, so sperm health is equally significant. Here are some things you can do to improve sperm health if you're trying to conceive.

Folic acid is known as the pregnancy vitamin, and for good reason. It reduces the chance of developmental problems occurring in the early weeks of pregnancy and helps in the production of red blood cells – its role couldn’t be any more crucial. ...

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When should you start taking Folic Acid? image

If you’ve been having some strange symptoms regarding your reproductive health, you may have heard your doctor mention Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) as a potential cause. Here are some of the first symptoms to look out for....

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What are the first signs of PCOS? image

After struggling to track her ovulation using oral BBT and OPKs, Beya decided to try OvuSense. Due to her PCOS, she had always assumed her body was “broken” and she wasn’t able to ovulate. By trying a new approach, she was able to learn more about her temps, how they correspond with her ovulation, and ultimately get pregnant....

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User Testimonial: After 21 Years of TTC With PCOS, Beya Conceives With OvuSense image

The new OvuSense® Pro allows you and your doctor to access all your OvuSense cycle information in detail through an online portal. OvuSense Pro provides key additional diagnostic information about your cycles to help understand your unique fertility profile. ...

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Getting More Out Of Your Data - Introducing OvuSense Pro image

The perfect time to take most pregnancy vitamins is while you are trying for a baby, however, the ‘best time’ to start taking supplements will depend on each vitamin. Prenatal vitamins don’t all function in the same way, so it’s important to do adequate research about each one. ...

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When should I start taking pregnancy vitamins and minerals? image

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common medical condition in women which affects regular ovulation. The difficulty with PCOS is that while many things can be symptoms of the condition, it can be difficult to get a conclusive diagnosis of PCOS. ...

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How will you know if you have PCOS? image

There are many types and brands of fertility monitors on the market, each with different features and supposed benefits. With competing claims and marketing tactics, it’s increasingly difficult to know what to spend your money on. It’s useful to look at the pros and cons of a few different options....

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What is the best fertility monitor? image

Molly initially thought that it would be easy to get pregnant, but she quickly realized that was not the case. After years of medications, blood tests, and OPKs, she was still having no luck. Once Molly found OvuSense, her life turned around....

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Testimonial: How OvuSense helped Molly when doctors, drugs, and test kits could not image

For women, fertility is best thought of as the ability to get pregnant. Fertility can be an emotional and confusing issue to navigate, and often isn’t as simple as either you are fertile, or you aren’t....

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What makes a woman more fertile? image

Trying to get pregnant is a nerve-wracking time for anyone, so, understandably, you’ll want to be doing everything you can to improve your chances of getting pregnant. If you’re looking for help and evidence-backed tips that you can implement now, here are a few things to keep an eye on....

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What should I do to increase my chances of getting pregnant? image

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