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What is Prolactin, and Could it be Affecting Your Fertility? image
01 December 2020
What is Prolactin, and Could it be Affecting Your Fertility?
If you're struggling with an anovulatory cycle but haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, you may want to get your prolactin levels checked. When elevated, this lactogenic hormone can have a big impact on your fertility. Read on to learn more about diagnosing and treating this little-known infertility culprit.
Guest Blog: Three Tips for Optimizing Your Cycle Tracking image
23 November 2020
Guest Blog: Three Tips for Optimizing Your Cycle Tracking
Georgie Kovacs advocates for all women’s health topics ensuring women access the right information to optimally advocate for themselves. Here she highlights three areas to be mindful of as you track your cycle.
Guest Blog – International Men’s Day: Spotlight on Male Fertility image
19 November 2020
Guest Blog – International Men’s Day: Spotlight on Male Fertility
When it comes to infertility there is a lot of focus on the female side. This, however, is only half of the equation, it takes two to make a baby, so sperm health is equally significant. Here are some things you can do to improve sperm health if you're trying to conceive.

Whether you’re just beginning your fertility journey or realizing that getting pregnant may not be as easy as you always thought, there are a number of ways you can take control and improve your fertility naturally, without wading into more complicated and costly medical treatments....

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How To Naturally Improve Your Fertility image

When you’re ready to get pregnant, it can be frustrating when you don’t conceive straight away. You might find yourself thinking – ‘is it this hard for everyone? How can I increase my chances?...

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What is the best way to conceive? image

If you’ve been researching ways to help get pregnant or, indeed, tips for what to do once pregnant, you’ve probably come across a great deal of conflicting advice about what vitamins you should be taking. We break down what you need to know & the different types. ...

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What vitamins should I take during pregnancy? image

When pregnant, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you have all of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your diet. On the flip side, our bodies are incredibly adept at filtering out nutrients that we have no use for. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what you need to be avoiding while pregnant....

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What vitamins should be avoided during pregnancy? image

While Core Body Temperature changes throughout the cycle in response to hormonal changes, so does a woman’s cervical secretions. Cervical secretions are totally normal and healthy cervical secretions are a key factor in helping you to determine when you are fertile and likely to conceive.  ...

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Tracking Cervical Mucus As a Sign of Natural Fertility image

If you've just found out you're pregnant, congratulations! It's totally normal to want the best for your baby, and part of this is ensuring that you're taking the correct prenatals before, during, and even after pregnancy. ...

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What supplements should I take in early pregnancy? image

While PCOS is not directly life-threatening, it can significantly impact the quality of a woman’s life. So, how can the symptoms and long-term effects of PCOS be mitigated? ...

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How severe is PCOS? image

Like many women, Sarah spent her 20s trying NOT to get pregnant, assuming that when she was ready, she would be able to conceive. But after experiencing irregular cycles her whole life, she quickly realized that her journey to motherhood wasn’t going to be as straightforward as she had hoped. ...

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Testimonial: Sarah Heywood, Founder of The Journey, Talks PCOS, TTC, and OvuSense image

PCOS can be a serious concern for women who are struggling to conceive and for your general health, so it's important to understand what PCOS is and how to manage the condition....

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How can PCOS be prevented? image

Ovulatory infertility is the leading cause of infertility, causing at least 30% of cases. If you’re using OvuSense to track your cycles and notice that your charts are often looking anovulatory, or if you’ve got irregular cycles, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, then changing your diet to optimise ovulation may be the answer....

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Guest Blog: Not Ovulating? Changing Your Diet May Be The Answer image

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