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Pregnant at 43 years old for the first time!

Hi ladies....I hope this can give you some hope.  I’m 43 years old and got my BFP this morning on my very first cycle using Ovusense!

Here is a picture of my OvuSense chart:


Although we had been TTC for 15 months, I changed the way I ate at the beginning of the year and followed Emma Cannons ‘Fertile’ nutrition book which is derived from a Chinese medicine approach to fertility. Also, I had regular reflexology, acupuncture and practiced fertility yoga.

Often all you hear is how little chance of conceiving naturally you have once you hit your forties but there is so much you can do through nutrition to change that!

Don’t give up on your dreams! Wishing you all success and thank you Ovusense!



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About our regular contributor, Kate Davies:

Kate Davies (RN, BSc (Hons), FP Cert) is a registered Fertility Nurse Consultant and IVF coach with over 25 years of experience in fertility and women's health. She worked in the UK's National Health Service as a specialist nurse in Gynecology, Sexual and Contraceptive Health and Fertility for 20 years before founding Your Fertility Journey consultancy company. A member of the British Fertility Society and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, she is a practitioner with Fertility UK where she receives regular training and clinical supervision. She has a special interest in both natural contraception and PCOS and has taken specialist training in the latter to enhance her knowledge and practice. She carries out consultations either using online video or at her Harley Street Clinic in London, providing both emotional support and clinical advice to her patients.  In 2017, Your Fertility Journey was awarded Best Fertility Consultancy UK by Lux Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards, and in 2019 were given the title of Best Fertility Consultancy and Best Fertility Nurse by GHP's Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards. Find her on LinkedIn, follow her on Instagram at @your_fertility_journey, and listen to her on The Fertility Podcast.

Kate Davies - Independent Fertility Nurse
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