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User Testimonial: Miranda Shares her Fertility Journey with PCOS

Miranda's August 2020 Update:  "I am currently 14 weeks along and we are thrilled. Without the help from OvuSense we would not have gotten here. I ended up getting pregnant on our 3rd IUI. My first 2 IUIs attempts our doctor told us that day 14 would be our best day to do the IUI. With the aid of OvuSense I realized that I ovulate on cycle day 18. The last IUI I told my doctor that I wanted to wait until day 18, and it worked! Tyler and I will forever be thankful for the part OvuSense played in our journey."

Miranda began her fertility journey in 2015 and was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in 2016. 

Since then, she and her husband Tyler, who is in the military and frequently travels, have visited several doctors in the hopes of getting pregnant. After recently finding a new reproductive endocrinologist closer to their home, they’re now beginning a new regimen of medications that help stimulate ovulation and using OvuSense to learn more about her cycle. Earlier this year she started a YouTube channel to chronicle her journey and share some of the challenges that have come with the diagnosis.

In a recent vlog, Miranda talked about her experience with OvuSense and how she first learned about the device. Initially interested in trying another fertility monitor, Miranda became discouraged when she learned it didn’t work for women with PCOS. She said it was hard finding accurate fertility trackers for women with PCOS… until she discovered OvuSense. “I started using [OvuSense] when Tyler was away just to try to get it used to my body. I am someone that doesn’t ovulate at all so obviously it doesn't ‘work’ for me in the sense of, it doesn’t show me when I ovulate. [But] I am going to be using this when I do stop my period and to track when I actually ovulate, if I do ovulate, on this medication [...]

“...It does work with women that have PCOS, so if you have PCOS and you know that you ovulate, it's just crazy and you don’t really know when you do, you just know that you do ovulate… this is it.”

Still trying to conceive, Miranda and Tyler are feeling hopeful as they embark on the next step in their journey, with the information OvuSense provides helping them along the way. 

To learn more about Miranda and her journey, subscribe to her vlog, or follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

About our regular contributor, Kate Davies:

Kate Davies (RN, BSc (Hons), FP Cert) is a registered Fertility Nurse Consultant and IVF coach with over 25 years of experience in fertility and women's health. She worked in the UK's National Health Service as a specialist nurse in Gynecology, Sexual and Contraceptive Health and Fertility for 20 years before founding Your Fertility Journey consultancy company. A member of the British Fertility Society and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, she is a practitioner with Fertility UK where she receives regular training and clinical supervision. She has a special interest in both natural contraception and PCOS and has taken specialist training in the latter to enhance her knowledge and practice. She carries out consultations either using online video or at her Harley Street Clinic in London, providing both emotional support and clinical advice to her patients.  In 2017, Your Fertility Journey was awarded Best Fertility Consultancy UK by Lux Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards, and in 2019 were given the title of Best Fertility Consultancy and Best Fertility Nurse by GHP's Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards. Find her on LinkedIn, follow her on Instagram at @your_fertility_journey, and listen to her on The Fertility Podcast.

Kate Davies - Independent Fertility Nurse
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