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We are confident that OvuSense will confirm if and when you are ovulating. So if you use it for six months and ovulation is not detected, you will receive a full refund to help you seek additional treatment.

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OvuSense is different from anything else you may have heard of, or used previously to monitor your fertility. That's because it measures core body temperature using a specially designed sensor proven in over 50,000 cycles use.

Clinical studies show that 70% of women don’t ovulate in the middle of their cycle, and you can ovulate at a different time from cycle to cycle, even if your cycles are always the same length. [1] By providing core temperature data in real time, throughout each cycle, OvuSense solves the issues this normal variable ovulation causes with monitoring your fertility.

Fertility monitoring methods such as fertility apps, Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and skin temperature measurement are shown by clinical data to be inaccurate when there is any amount of this normal variability [2]. That's simply because they rely on data from previous cycles to predict when ovulation will occur in a following cycle. If you don’t ovulate in the middle of your cycle or your timing of ovulation is at all variable, then the fertile prediction is likely to be incorrect.

OvuSense was developed to provide the same benefit as urine based luteinizing hormone tests (OPKs) by predicting the onset of ovulation up to one day in advance in real time in each cycle. However, it does so with greater accuracy [3], and crucially, OPKs also don't work when your ovulation timing changes due common hormone issues. [4].

Endorsed by doctors and fertility specialists, and able to work whatever is happening in your cycle, why use anything else? OvuSense is helping women all over the world just like you to take control of their fertility. [3]

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How does it work?

OvuSense is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Record: Insert the sensor into your vagina overnight. It measures your core temperature every 5 minutes. No radio waves are transmitted from within your body, so OvuSense is completely safe to use.
Upload: In the morning, remove the sensor, wash it and download its data to the OvuSense App. OvuSense uploads data to a secure cloud database, keeping your information safe.
Plan: OvuSense provides live updates predicting ovulation up to 24 hours in advance using your current cycle data. This helps you time your conception during each individual cycle, even if you have irregular ovulation timing. OvuSense then confirms ovulation with 99% clinically-proven accuracy. Helping you diagnose any issues and track the effect of any medication you may be taking. Giving you every answer you need about your cycle all in one device
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"I am pregnant after using OvuSense for two months. We were trying for 8+ years before that."


“Because I had been seeing a specialist, I just took my OvuSense with me to the appointment. My doctor could clearly see a rise in temperature, which indicates ovulation. Then on my third cycle, my ovulation completely shifted to day 15. I wouldn’t have known this if I wasn’t using OvuSense. OvuSense is a true monitor in every sense of the word!”


“My name is Caroline and my OvuSense baby is two years old now. I used to be a customer like you, trying to conceive. I now work for OvuSense helping women like me every day. With OvuSense, you are not just buying a product, you are buying a complete fertility support system and we are here for you every step of the way. In addition to technical support, we offer you an hour-long fertility nurse consulation (after three cycles) – all free with OvuSense.”

Caroline Price
Customer Relations Manager, The OvuSenseTeam

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