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Are Ovulation Tracker Apps Accurate?

If you can track and predict when you’re going to ovulate, then you have advantage when it comes to fertility. Ovulation is the key date in your menstrual cycle that anchors what’s known as your fertile window – the span of days in each cycle when the length of time sperm can survive for in the body after ejaculation can overlap with the lifespan of the egg after it’s ejected from the ovaries into the fallopian tubes. As sperm can survive for up to five days, and the egg is fertile for only 24 hours after ovulation at most, the fertile window is a maximum of six days – the five days before ovulation and the day afterwards.

If an app can help you identify when you’re at this peak of fertility, then you’ll find you’ll be able to get pregnant faster than someone who doesn’t have this advantage. It’s therefore important to know whether these apps are accurate: if they’re giving you inaccurate information then they won’t help you get pregnant, and they may even cause you to miss chances to conceive.

How Do They Work?

The simplest ovulation tracker apps simply ask for the date of your last period and your cycle length, then give you an estimate of when you’ll next ovulate.

If you have a very regular cycle this could be all you need: this information tells the app where you are in your cycle, and it compares that with the average time in a cycle of your length to tell you when you can expect to ovulate.

This isn’t a good solution, and it can’t give you an accurate answer if your cycle is irregular – either chronically, due to conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or occasionally, which can be caused by something as simple as stress.

A Better Answer

A more accurate ovulation tracker app will incorporate data about what’s going on in your body specifically, rather than simply comparing you with a database of average values.

The most accurate apps, like OvuSense’s own, use your Basal Body Temperature to provide a prediction you can rely on. This low temperature that your body drops to during periods of extended rest changes by as little as a tenth of degree when your body is nearing ovulation. With our sensor and app to gather accurate temperature readings and interpret the results, you can feel confident you’ve got a really accurate ovulation tracker app in OvuSense.

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