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Best Fertility App

Fertility apps can be a really useful tool on your side when you’re trying to get pregnant. The best one for you depends on your needs, and your body – for example if you have polycystic ovary syndrome, which disrupts your hormones, delays your ovulation and makes it harder to spot, then you need a more comprehensive solution.

OvuSense is here to help you choose the best fertility app, and make sure it meets your needs and will actually help you get pregnant, faster.

Regular Cycles

If you have a very regular cycle, you don’t need much from a fertility app. As long as you can log when your period begins, you have an almost complete solution. The first day of your period is also the first day of the first stage of your menstrual cycle – the follicular phase, when eggs are matured in the ovaries in small sacs called follicles.

If you record the first day of your period across multiple cycles, you’ll know how long your menstrual cycle lasts. As long as it’s regular, then you can pin down when you ovulate to the point roughly two weeks before your period. Trying to conceive in the week around this point can help you hit your peak fertility for the month.

More Precision

All bodies differ, and ‘roughly two weeks before your period leaves a lot of scope for error. To get a more precise answer, you should look for an app that accepts more data. If you can add to the dates of your period with the results of ovulation predictor kits, saliva tests or the state of your cervical mucus, you can get a more precise answer, and an even better lock on when your ‘fertile window’ will fall in the next month.

Integrated Apps

If you have an irregular cycle, perhaps caused by PCOS, then you need even more data, and the best way to get it is using a fertility app that integrates with whatever you’re using to get your data. OvuSense is one of these apps – our system incorporates a basal body thermometer that takes your temperature at regular intervals during the night to ensure it has the best possible read on your Basal Body Temperature, and feeds out directly to an app. The OvuSense app doesn’t just record your temperature (though it does give you an insight into how it changes across the weeks of your menstrual cycle) it also processes it into an answer for you, telling you not only whether or not you’re menstruating on that day, but also when your next fertile days will be, making it one of the best fertility apps you could choose.

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