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Best Fertility Tracker App

Choosing a fertility tracker app can be one of the most difficult tasks you face as you approach the challenges of conception, pregnancy and parenthood. There are so many options on the market, so it can be hard to know which ones are effective, which features are the ones you need, which are less important and what the best fertility tracker app is at any one time.

Today OvuSense is on hand to help by looking at the world of fertility tracker apps and letting you know what you need to be looking for to identify the best app for your needs.

What Do you Need?

Picking the best fertility tracker app for you means knowing what you need from it. If you have a very regular cycle, then your needs are fairly simple: a dedicated calendar app allows you to track your periods, and from that it can calculate when you are most likely to be fertile, potentially with additional confirmation from checking your cervical mucus.

An app like this is useful to any woman, even if you’re not actively trying to conceive. Tracking your cycle means you can feel more at home in your body, and you’ll spot any irregularities sooner. A missed or delayed period can be an early warning of all sorts of health conditions, so knowing if your cycle is on time or beginning to slip can be vital for your health!

A More Accurate Tracker

If your cycle is often irregular, or you want a more accurate prediction of when you’re most fertile, drawn from more datapoints, you’ll need to look at the next level of trackers.

A more accurate fertility tracker app requires more input from you, because they work more sources of information. As well as some basic facts about you and the dates of each period, you’ll also be asked for information like daily BBT readings or the results of ovulation prediction kits. This can get you a more accurate picture of your fertility, but again, you need to know if these are the right choices for you.

If you’re affected by any kind of hormone issue, then the results of OPKs aren’t going to be much use to you – the changes in the hormone levels they look for are swamped by the effects of the health issue. Basal Body Temperature is less affected by health issues like this, and that’s why OvuSense uses it checks your fertility.

In our solution, the OvuSense app is partnered up with a specialist thermometer that takes your core temperature at intervals through the night, to ensure it’s accessing that base level where small changes indicate when your fertility is peaking. The thermometer feeds directly to the app where it’s processed into a prediction of the best times to try and conceive, giving you the best possible chance to get pregnant!

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