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Best Ovulation Calculator Apps

Choosing the best ovulation calculator app is one of the decisions you need to face when you’re trying to conceive. Knowing when you’re going to ovulate allows you to focus your conception attempts on what’s known as your fertile window: the days in the run up to ovulation and the day immediately following it, when sperm can survive to encounter and potentially fertilise that freshly ovulated egg.

There are lots of different brands offering solutions to help you track when you ovulate and calculate when your next fertile window will begin, but they’re not all equally effective, and you need one that works.

Today OvuSense is helping you make a choice by checking what you need in your ovulation calculator app to help you pick the best one for your needs.

Calendar Functions

The most basic function you need is a calendar, allowing you to record the dates of your period each cycle. The first day of your period is the beginning of your cycle, and on this day your body also begins to mature the egg which will later in the cycle be ejected from the ovary to be fertilised in the fallopian tubes.

Marking the days of your period lets you see how long and how regular your period and your greater menstrual cycle are. If it’s very regular, this could be all you need to know when you ovulate. If your cycle is irregular or longer or shorter than the average range, you’ll need more functions to feel confident about when you’re going to ovulate.

Additional Information

A better Ovulation Calculator App will ask for more information than your cycle length. Your age and physical condition give it more factors that allow it to give you a more accurate result.

Others will allow you to input the results of Ovulation Predictor Kits, saliva and cervical mucus tests, along with your Basal Body Temperature.

The more information your app is able to factor in, the better a prediction it can give you, so you need to look for one with a broad point of view on fertility.

Integrated Solutions

The best fertility calculator apps are actually integrated with the devices used to gather this important information. OvuSense, for example, is a fertility monitoring solution with an app that provides a readout for the specialised sensor we use to measure your BBT right through the night. This gets us accurate information we can use to predict your next ovulation with an accuracy you can rely on!

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