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Fertile Days After Your Period

Finding the best time to get pregnant is a difficult task. It doesn’t just rely on your health, your career, and your relationship. Even when you’ve decided that you’re at the right stage of your life to start a family, finding the right time of the month to try and conceive to give yourself the greatest chance of success is another task.

Your fertility changes across the length of your menstrual cycle – while a man’s fertility remains relatively constant from day to day (while slowly declining across the course of his lifetime), a woman’s varies dramatically over the weeks of her menstrual cycle. There are some weeks where pregnancy is close to impossible, others where your fertility is at its peak, and you really need to be identifying and targeting them if you’re trying to get pregnant.

What Are Your Fertile Days?

Your fertile days, also known as your ‘fertile window’ are the days in each cycle where the average lifespan of sperm overlap with the length of time an egg remains fertile for after ovulation. Sperm can survive and fertilise for around four days after they are ejaculated, while eggs have a maximum lifespan of 24 hours following ovulation.

This gives you a maximum fertile window of five to six days – relatively short, compared with the length of a menstrual cycle.

Finding Your Fertile Days

The most important thing you can do to find out when your fertile days will fall is to identify when you’re going to ovulate. If you have a regular cycle, you can do this simply by charting the days from period to period. Noting the first day of full bleeding of your period tells you when the start of your cycle is. Looking at when your next period is tells you the length of your cycle.

This allows you to start your count to find your fertile days after your period. You tend to ovulate 14 days before your period begins, so when you know how long your cycle is, you can predict the date of your next period, count back to find the likely date of when you ovulate, then begin to count towards it from the present. When you reach five days before your predicted ovulation, you’ve hit the fertile window. Doctors recommend unprotected intercourse every one to two days during this time of high fertility give to couples the best chance of conceiving.

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