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How Can I Get Pregnant Fast?

Sometimes, when you’re trying to get pregnant, speed is the key: if you need to fit pregnancy into a schedule that includes moving house, or important career developments, you might find that your window for starting a family has narrowed from years to months. There are also medical considerations that might affect your need to conceive quickly: if you have surgery upcoming that might limit your fertility in the future then you might decide that now is the best time to get pregnant because it’s the only time you have.

When you’re trying to conceive to a tight schedule it piles on the pressure but OvuSense is here to help.

Fertile Window

However much you want to, you can’t get pregnant at any time in the month. You need to make sure you’re trying to conceive when your body is actually fertile. This brief period within your menstrual cycle is known as your ‘fertile window’ – when all the right factors are in place to ensure that intercourse can result in pregnancy.

Identifying your fertile window is vital if you’re trying to get pregnant quickly without medical intervention. OvuSense can help by measuring your basal body temperature: this is the low, minimum temperature your body sinks into during prolonged rest. Taking your temperature first thing in the morning can get you a reading close to your BBT but it’s difficult as your metabolism begins to warm up as soon as you wake.

OvuSense’s equipment measures your BBT right through the night to get you the most accurate possible readings – better than you could achieve by taking your own temperature, however soon after you wake up. Our algorithm also handles the processing, turning that data into not just an answer for that day so you know whether or not you’re ovulating, but providing an advance prediction, with a projected fertile window for the month, as well as a notification 24 hours before you’re due to ovulate.

Knowing when you’re at your most fertile allows you to target the time when you’re most likely to get pregnant and ensure you’re trying to conceive when you have the best chance to succeed.

While there are diets that promise to boost your fertility, and lifestyle changes to make, the foundation to getting pregnant when you want to is, to know when your body is ready to capitalise on that insight. It’s even more important if you have PCOS or other conditions that limit ovulation – you need to know when you do ovulate as each of those occasions is more important.

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