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How to Get Pregnant Fast

When you decide to try for a baby, the last thing you want is for your attempts to stretch out for months. It can be demoralising and anxiety-inducing, even if your doctor is able to reassure you that you’re not suffering from any fertility issues.

Quite apart from allaying your worries, there are other reasons why you might want a quick result from your attempts to conceive: it could be as fraught as knowing that in the next few years you have some challenging medical issues to face, or something as simple as knowing you’ll be moving to a new area and would rather see your pregnancy through before you have to move.

Whatever the reason you’re looking to get pregnant fast, OvuSense can help with some tips to give you the best chance of a quick conception so you can move on to next stage of your pregnancy journey with the minimum of delay.

Learning Your Cycle

The single most important piece of information you need when you’re trying to conceive is when you are most fertile. Targeting your attempts on that window in your cycle when you are most likely to conceive is a great way to work towards a fast result.

There are lots of different ways you can identify this time: apps that help you log your cycle, calendars that try to track ovulation with oral temperature readings and work with your doctor. Only OvuSense is clinically proven to predict your ovulation correctly 96% of the time and with 24 hours’ notice, so you know the best time to try to maximise your chance of success that month.


While there are no guarantees when you’re trying to conceive, you can certainly take steps to give yourselves the best possible chance and adapting your diet is an easy way to boost the chances of a quick conception.

You need to make sure you’re getting plenty of zinc, folic acid and Vitamins B,C and D. These don’t just help your body conceive, and your partners’ reach their peak of fertility, they also help to ensure a healthy pregnancy following conception, so it’s well worth finding ways to work them into your diet.


There’s lots you can do to get healthier and ensure you’ve got a better chance of conceiving. Quitting smoking and cutting down on drinking can both help your fertility levels – especially if you’re a man. You can expect to see changes like this reflected in your sperm and fertility within three months, so starting as soon as possible will help you be ready to conceive!

While there’s a lot to do to prepare for conception, sticking to these fundamentals will help you have the best chance at succeeding quickly!

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