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How to Get Pregnant Fast Naturally

Getting pregnant can take far longer than you might expect or choose – for all the effort you put into avoiding pregnancy if you don’t want to start a family, it can be surprising if, when you take away those measures you don’t get pregnant straight away - but fertility is a complex issue. Infertility is rarely a diagnosis of a physical condition that makes pregnancy impossible: it’s more usually an observation of a failure to conceive after roughly a year of trying through normal, unprotected sex.

If you’re looking for ways to get pregnant fast and naturally (avoiding the potential side effects from fertility drugs) there are two things to focus on: you need to ensure your body is ovulating a healthy egg regularly and you also need to ensure you know when you’re going to ovulate next. If you know when your ovaries are going to release that egg you can make sure you’re concentrating your attempts to conceive during your fertile window.

Healthy Eggs

To give your body the best chance to make healthy eggs, you need to give it the best building blocks. You can do this with a combination of diet and supplements to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs.

A broad spectrum ‘fertility supplement’ could be just what you need, but you can also try adding more leafy green vegetables like kale or spinach to your diet. These give you boosts of zinc, iron and most importantly, folate.

Regular Cycles

It’s possible your cycle, and therefore the window in which you ovulate, can be naturally irregular, however religiously you track it. If you’ve noticed your cycle shifting from a regular 28 days to a less predictable routine, you may wish to talk to a doctor. One of the factors that can contribute to delayed or irregular ovulation is weight gain, especially if it’s a part of the condition known as PCOS. If you’re able to lose some of the weight, it can help your body get back to a regular menstrual cycle and help you conceive.

Predicting Menstruation

One of the most important things you can do is make sure you know when you’re going to ovulate. If you know this, you know when you’re going to be at your most fertile – your ‘fertile window’.

OvuSense uses your Basal Body Temperature to produce a prediction of when you’re going to ovulate next, with a specialised sensor taking your temperature right through the night and a linked app turning that data into an alert of when your next fertile days will fall.

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