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Increase Fertility Naturally

If you’re experiencing unexpected difficulties getting pregnant, it can be depressing, frustrating and worrying in equal measure. While there are radical medical interventions that can help, from drugs to help stimulate ovulation to a process known as Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling, where a laser is used to make small holes in the ovaries, these all come with a list of side effects you may wish to avoid as well as no guarantee they might work.

You might well want to explore more natural options to increase your fertility before you try these invasive, disruptive medical techniques. Today OvuSense helping you understand some simple, natural things you can do to help increase your fertility.


The right diet can have a big impact on your chances of conceiving, though you should be wary of people promising miraculous results with their ‘fertility diet’. Some of the most effective things you can do are the simplest, like eating lots of green vegetables, from broccoli to kale. These vegetables provide you with lots of the nutrients that go into building healthy eggs and sperm, so your reproductive cells have the best chance of surviving a long time and fertilising (or being fertilised) successfully.

A diet like this is also good for your general health and can also help your menstrual cycle stabilise to a regular and predictable time span, which can really help to boost your fertility, as we’ll see.


One of the most important things you can do for your fertility is get the timing right. Your fertility waxes and wanes throughout the course of your menstrual cycle, and it’s at its peak during the so-called Fertile Window. This is the five days leading up to when you ovulate, as well as the twenty-four hours afterwards, while the egg is still fertile. Because sperm are fertile for up to five days, this six day span is the time you need to focus on for the best chance of a successful conception.

OvuSense recommends tracking your Basal Body Temperature, as this helps to get you an accurate prediction of when you’ll ovulate, even if you have a hormone disruption like PCOS that can make other forms of tests inaccurate.

Our system uses a specialised thermometer which takes your temperature at intervals right through the night, for an accurate read of your core temperature at the basal level which can reveal when you’re due to ovulate. This is paired with an app which can turn those temperature readings into a prediction of when your next fertile window will fall, allowing you to take advantage of your peak fertility in that cycle.

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