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When Am I Fertile?

When you’re trying for a baby, you need to know when you stand the best chance of gettingpregnant. Depending on the length of your cycle, the health of your eggs and your partners sperm, there is a small chance that unprotected sex at any time could result in pregnancy, but if you are consciously trying for a family, you’re going to want to try and concentrate your attempts at the time when you are most likely to succeed.

It’s good sense for everyone who’s trying to start their own family, but it’s especially vital if you’re dealing with a condition like PCOS or a thyroid problem, which can limit when you ovulate. When you ovulate less, you simply have fewer chances to get pregnant, so you have to identify and value every one you do have.

OvuSense can help you identify when you are at the peak of fertility in each menstrual cycle – when you have the best chance for active sperm to encounter a fertile egg. Your fertile window is dictated by when you ovulate. This is when your ovaries finish maturing an egg and release it into your fallopian tubes where it has a life span of 24 hours in which sperm could inseminate it.

If you take into the 24-hour maximum active life of the egg, and compare it with the 4-5 day lifespan of sperm inside your body, you can see you’re fertile for around five days in each menstrual cycle, anchored by when you ovulate.

If you have a very regular cycle, it’s relatively easy to know when you ovulate – keeping count of the days from your last period will be enough to keep you orientated in your own body. If your cycles are irregular or disrupted, especially by PCOS or similar conditions, you need more help identifying when you’re fertile each month.

OvuSense uses a specialised sensor that measures your Basal Body Temperature every night. This is the low, minimum temperature your body naturally falls to in deep sleep. Our algorithm can identify small changes in your BBT in the course of a cycle, and use them to tell you when you’re ovulating. As well as that simple yes/no answer to the question, OvuSense can also provide you with a prediction for the dates your fertile window will be in your next cycle, giving you the best chance at getting pregnant when you want to.

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