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When is Your Fertile Window?

Finding your fertile window is one of the most important tasks for a couple who are trying to conceive. If you don’t know when this important time falls for you, then you’re losing out on a key advantage that could help you get pregnant.

Today we’re taking a look at this key part of your menstrual cycle, and how you can use it to boost your fertility.

What is it?

Your fertile window is the time when the average lifespan of sperm after it’s ejaculated overlaps with the lifespan of an egg after ovulation. If these two cells come into contact during their fertile lifetimes, you stand a chance of conceiving, at the sperm fertilises the egg, and the process of cell division begins that will one day see that egg grow into foetus.

If you’re trying at a time when sperm cannot survive to meet the egg, then you simply don’t have a chance of getting pregnant. To maximise your chances of pregnancy, you need to find a way of predicting when your fertile window will be, and make sure you’re planning to try conceive during that time.

The Importance of Ovulation

All methods for predicting your fertile window rest on predicting when you ovulate. Sperm can survive in the human body for around five days, but the egg remains fertile for only twenty four hours after its released from the ovary. As this happens only once per cycle, while sperm remain reliably available throughout, its ovulation you need to identify.

On top of that, merely spotting ovulation isn’t enough. The majority of your fertile windows falls before you ovulate. If you only know about it when it happens, you’ve missed most of your chance to conceive that cycle!

Predicting Ovulation

There are plenty of different ways to track your ovulation – if you have a very regular cycle then tracking it will be enough. When you know when within your cycle it happens, you can simply mark out your future fertile window on the calendar! If you don’t have a regular cycle – and there are lots of reasons why you might not, from PCOS to medication to simple quirks of your reproductive biology.

In cases like that you need more potent predictive powers. OvuSense uses your core temperature to map your progesterone levels, and notify you in advance of when you’re likely to ovulate and when your next fertile window will be, providing more immediate reminders when the time grows closer and refined predictions as you give it more data, and it gets to know your body.

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