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Fertility Tracker Apps

Learning how fertile you are is important, and not just if you’re planning to start a family in the near future. Knowing how fertile you are helps to inform your decision making about when, or if you want to take that step later in your life.

How fertile you are doesn’t just change across the course of your life. It can also wax and wane over a matter of weeks. It used to be thought that women’s fertility declined dramatically after they reached the age of 35, to the extent that getting pregnant after this age would require medical help by default. In fact, more recent research reveals that the higher levels of health enjoyed by people in the 21st century means that there’s a much less dramatic tailing off – your chances of a successful conception, and carrying a healthy baby to term are not significantly lower at the age of 39 than they are at 34.

You can also boost your chances of conceiving successfully at any age by tracking your fertility across the course of your menstrual cycle. What you’re looking for is a prediction of when you’re going to ovulate. You are at most fertile in the days leading up to when you ovulate. When a mature egg is released from the ovaries, it remains fertile for a maximum of 24 hours. Sperm, meanwhile, can remain active in the body for as long as five days after ejaculation. This means the four to five days running up to when you ovulate, and the day afterwards are when you stand the best chance of getting pregnant. They are your so-called ‘fertile window’.

There are apps that can make identifying these fertile days easier, from simple calendars you can use to record your cycle, from period to period to more involved solutions that allow you to input more data, like your age and weight to refine the prediction.

OvuSense’s app goes a step further. It links to our specialised thermometer, which records your temperature right through the night, looking for the pattern of changes that reveals your body is preparing to ovulate. This means OvuSense can give you not just a yes/no answer to the question “am I ovulating today?” but also track your vital statistics, and use our algorithm to turn them into longer term predictions of when your fertile window will be in your upcoming cycle, allowing you to plan around it, and ensure you are able to try to conceive at that key time.

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