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The Best Basal Body Thermometer

Tracking your basal body temperature is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to identify when you’re ovulating. If you have a very regular menstrual cycle you can also use this information to predict when you will be ovulating in future cycles: if you know how many days after your period you ovulate, then you can simply count forward from your period to find your ovulation date.

If your period is less regular you can’t predict ovulation in the same way, and you’ll need to keep on tracking your BBT.

If you’re relying on BBT tracking to tell you when you need to try to conceive, you need to be sure you’re getting good data: if your temperature readings are off by even a small amount you could miss that important fertile window when you stand the best chance of getting pregnant. Today we’re taking a look at some of the features you need to look for to be sure you’re picking the best basal body thermometer.

A Clear Display

The most important thing is for you to be able to accurately read the temperature on the thermometer. If you can’t see it clearly for any reason, or need to interpret it to put a figure on it, then there’s the risk you will get that interpretation wrong and record the wrong data!

Look for a thermometer with a digital display. If your thermometer shows temperature as a line against a scale, there’s a risk of looking at it from the angle and getting your reading wrong by a small but vital amount. If you’re using a strip thermometer that changes colour, you simply can’t get a sufficiently accurate reading from it. A digital display is clear, unambiguous and precise.

Precision and Sensitivity

The important temperature changes you are looking for are measured in tenths of a degree – if you can’t get an accurate reading on this level, you simply can’t use your thermometer to measure your Basal Body Temperature. On the other hand, this means there’s no need to pay more for a thermometer that’s more sensitive than you need – thermometers that can measure into the hundredths of a degree can be expensive, and there’s no need to pay out for one!


The most sophisticated BBT thermometers can remember and map your BBT themselves. This takes a lot of the work out of your hands, making it both easier to track your BBT and also removes some of the opportunities for human error that can render this method unreliable.

OvuSense uses changes in your core temperature to map your progesterone levels and can predict when you will be fertile with only two days of data, rather than having to wait a whole cycle. This could give you the boost you need to get pregnant when you want to.