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How can I conceive if I've been trying for some time?

OvuSense can detect ovulation with 99% clinically proven accuracy, so you can take back control of your cycles.

We are led to believe that we ovulate in the middle of the month. However, the clinical literature shows that happens for only a small percentage of women. A clinical study by Wilcox et al. (2000) – study size 221, tells us that the 'fertile window' for women falls between cycle days 10 and 17 in only about 30% of women, which means that the majority of women are at their most fertile at some other point in their cycle.

Why might I be struggling to conceive?

You might be trying to conceive at completely the wrong time and not even realize it. The good news is, OvuSense can pinpoint your exact ovulation with 99% clinically proven accuracy. So, if you have been trying for six months or more, you can take back control and plan to conceive at exactly the right time in your cycle.

OvuSense is the only product on the market that measures your 'core body' temperature to accurately detect ovulation, unlike OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) which measure surges in LH (luteinizing hormone). Only OvuSense can confirm your ovulation with 99% clinically proven accuracy.

"We were scared that we weren't going to get pregnant naturally but OvuSense helped us get it right, and we didn't feel any pressure in our relationship. Three cycles with OvuSense and I was pregnant. It wouldn't have happened any other way as I was trying to conceive at completely the wrong time! Highly recommend OvuSense."

Alice, 2016

"I found out by using OvuSense that I have a 3 week Luteal Phase meaning we weren't having sex at the right time, second cycle on OvuSense and I'm pregnant. I would not have known otherwise; best money I have ever spent. Highly recommend buying OvuSense!"


OvuSense is as easy as....


Insert the sensor in your vagina overnight. It measures your core temperature every 5 minutes. No radio waves are transmitted from within your body, so OvuSense is completely safe to use.


In the morning, remove the sensor, wash it and download its data to the OvuSense App. OvuSense uploads data to a secure cloud database, keeping your information safe.


OvuSense provides live updates predicting ovulation up to 24 hours in advance using your current cycle data. This helps you time your conception during each individual cycle, even if you have irregular ovulation timing.


OvuSense then confirms ovulation with 99% clinically-proven accuracy, helping you understand your cycle better and track the effect of any medication you may be taking.

"After 3yrs 4mths of TTC it's finally happened! If you need any proof that OvuSense works, I am officially pregnant! I’ve had my big, fat positive (BFP) this morning!"


"I went for a check-up scan to make sure all was ok with my pregnancy. All is OK. My due date takes me back to conception on 4th April 2015, which is exactly what my OvuSense monitor told me. First cycle I used OvuSense and managed to get pregnant! Cannot recommend this machine enough."


What makes OvuSense different?

Clinically proven image

OvuSense - a true medical device

OvuSense was developed by specialists for use in home and clinic. OvuSense is backed by over 50,000 cycles of use, 2 clinical trials and 5 peer-reviewed publications, confirming the medical basis for core body temperature monitoring.

24 hour advance ovulation prediction image

Live 24-hour advance ovulation prediction

Unlike any other monitor, OvuSense can alert you up to 24-hours before you ovulate based on your in-cycle data. Clinically proven to be correct 96% of the time, this gives you more time to try to get pregnant each cycle.

8 day fertility window image

8-day fertile window

As well as being the only monitor with live 24-hour advance prediction, OvuSense provides a 99% accurate full eight-day fertile window at the start of each cycle – helping you take back control of planning for pregnancy.

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Fully certified, safe and effective

OvuSense is the only fertility monitor on the market with full regulatory approval in USA (510k), Europe (CE), Canada, and Australia. Why trust your tracking to anything else when you can use OvuSense, with the confidence of knowing it has undergone rigorous testing?

Core temperature technology image

Measure What Matters

Unlike BBT monitoring, OvuSense can monitor the true fluctuations of progesterone throughout the cycle. By measuring what matters with OvuSense you don’t need to use other devices at home for your fertility tracking.

Monitoring medication image

Helping with diagnosis and monitoring medication

Only OvuSense helps with diagnosis of your individual cycle characteristics, and allows you to track how medication and/or supplements affect your cycle pattern, giving you and your doctor confidence that the treatment is working.