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OvuSense is a comprehensive cycle monitor designed for your unique journey. Your menstrual cycle provides a direct reflection of your health. Diet, supplements, common conditions, and medications can all affect your cycle length and when you ovulate. Tens of thousands of OvuSense users have already empowered their health when they were simply wanting to understand more about their cycle.

Experience real-time personalized insights into your menstrual cycle, backed by clinically proven accuracy.

Our supportive community and expert resources ensure you have the support you need at every step. Take control of your health with OvuSense.

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Comprehensive Health Management

Only 30% of women have a typical menstrual cycle. Everyone else experiences some degree of variability. OvuSense is the only cycle monitor accurate enough to provide you the certainty of what is happening to your cycle on a daily basis.

Empowered Health Management

Take Control of Your Health: OvuSense provides real-time cycle tracking with proven accuracy, even for irregular cycles. Understand the effect of diet, supplements and medications on your cycle with confidence.

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Personalized Support

You're Not Alone: Join a thriving community of women who understand. Gain access to expert resources, support groups, and one-on-one consultations to support your mental well-being as you navigate your journey. With our V3* OvuSense App, receive personalized advice based on your lifestyle and health. * iOS only for now, Android coming soon.

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    Note: currently available for iOS only, Android coming soon


    Track Diet


    Track Water

    Diagnostic Tests

    Track Diagnostic Tests


    Track Medications


    Track Mood

    Diagnostic Tests

    Track Your PCOS

Track Your Cycles with Confidence

OvuSense is a Class II Medical Device, meaning it is independently audited to ensure higher levels of data protection than other devices and apps. You stay strictly in control of who you share your data with.

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Optimize your health with OvuSense

Simple easy to use app tracks ovulation for you

Simple easy to use app tracks your cycle, helping manage your health on a daily basis

Works for all types of ovulation cycles

Works for every woman

Clinically proven with scientific research

Proven to work for all cycle types in clinical studies

No mess, no confusion, unlike urine strips

No mess, no confusion, unlike urine strips

99% accuracy confirming ovulation

99% accurate ovulation confirmation

Up to 15 months quicker to achieve conception

Up to 15 months quicker to get pregnant

Take control - get started with OvuSense today

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Unlock Personalized Fertility Insights with Your Free Nurse Consultation

Maximize the potential of your OvuSense experience with a complimentary* 1-hour session with our expert Fertility Nurses. Armed with three months of your cycle data, our specialists will provide a detailed analysis of your cycle patterns and offer tailored advice to optimize your fertility management. This personalized consultation is designed to equip you with the insights and confidence needed to navigate your Trying to Conceive journey more effectively.

* complimentary nurse consultation included free for new customers with Annual or One Off bundle of OvuSense
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