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Introducing the OvuSense fertility monitoring service

Predicts and Confirms Ovulation

OvuSense is the only fertility monitoring solution which predicts AND confirms ovulation using your current cycle data.

That's essential for understanding when to try to conceive.

Continuous monitoring

OvuSense monitors your cycles continuously, and provides unique insights for your cycle characteristics.

That's essential if you're trying to monitor the effect of your nutrition, and any medications you're taking.

Award winning support

Our 24/7 award winning customer support team, and free fertility nursing service help you manage your journey.

So, unlike other ovulation trackers and fertility monitors, we're with you every step of the way.

Know your exact ovulation date

OvuSense is the only comprehensive continuous cycle monitoring system available on the market.

It is clinically proven to predict your ovulation up to 24 hours in advance using current cycle data, and it gets it right 96% of the time. It then confirms your exact date of ovulation with 99% accuracy.

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Supporting your journey, every step of the way

Trying to conceive naturally?

OvuSense predicts and confirms your ovulation, in real time, from the very first cycle of use. It then show you an 8 day fertile window at the start of each cycle. That information tells you exactly when to try and conceive, and 92% of our customers say it reduces their TTC stress by helping them take control.

Struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

The symptoms of PCOS affect one in five women worldwide.

Because it predicts ovulation in real time, OvuSense is clinically proven to work if you have PCOS, and a number of other common issues like under or over-active thyroid, endometriosis or irregular cycles. By monitoring continuously, OvuSense also shows you exactly what's happening throughout the rest of your cycle - crucial information to help you conceive, and stay in control of your issues.

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Consulting with a doctor

Continuous cycle monitoring is the key.

Our patent protected AI-powered fertility monitor OvuSense Pro, provides a simple to use dashboard and enhanced reporting for you and your doctor. It helps your doctor screen for common issues that affect your cycles, and to accurately monitor the impact of diet and treatment on your body.

What makes OvuSense different?

OvuSense is the only fertility and ovulation monitor available that predicts your ovulation in real time using current cycle data and confirms your ovulation with 99% accuracy. That's why it could help you get pregnant up to 15 months faster than other devices.

What makes OvuSense different?

OvuSense is the only fertility and ovulation monitor available that predicts your ovulation in real time using current cycle data and confirms your ovulation with 99% accuracy. That's why it could help you get pregnant up to 15 months faster than other devices.

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Urine Tests and Monitors
Predicts ovulation

92% 96%
Confirms ovulation

21% 78% 99%
Fertile window days

4 6 2-6 8
PCOS +Irregular Cycles

Screen for issues

Track diet and drugs

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How does OvuSense work

OvuSense ovulation tracker is a class 2 medical grade sensor. Sleep with the fertility monitor in place and use the OvuSense app to gain valuable insights into your ovulation cycles.

Learn your body's cycles with 4 easy steps

1 OvuSense App on a smartphone

Download the OvuSense App to your phone

2 Clock image

Monitor your cycle as you sleep

3 OvuSense App data updating

Automatically sync data from sensor to the app

4 OvuSense charts in the mobile app

Intelligent dashboards give you valuable insights

Benefits of using OvuSense ovulation tracker

99% accuracy confirming ovulation

99% accuracy confirming ovulation

Up to 15 months quicker to achieve conception

Up to 15 months quicker to achieve conception

Simple easy to use app tracks ovulation for you

Simple easy to use app tracks ovulation for you

No mess, no confusion, unlike urine strips

No mess, no confusion, unlike urine strips

Clinically proven with scientific research

Clinically proven with scientific research

Works for all types of ovulation cycles

Works for all types of ovulation cycles

The Science Behind OvuSense

OvuSense is a class 2 medical device, and is backed by a decade of science, research and evidence. It is clinically proven in trials to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. It all starts with knowing your body, knowing your cycle, to give you the best chance of conceiving.

OvuSense fertility monitor is able to confirm ovulation with 99% accuracy. it achieves this using the patented OvuCore sensor, which intelligently measures overnight continuous Core Body Temperature (cCBT). cCBT shows you exactly what is happening to progesterone during your cycle. When progesterone rises, your cCBT rises, and as progesterone is released during ovulation OvuSense is able to measure that rise to tell you when you ovulated. Not only that but the OvuCore sensor is able to see when ovulation is going to happen during the cycle, so it will predict ovulation up to 24 hours in advance. That's particularly helpful if you have variable ovulation timing

At the start of your next cycle, OvuSense provides you with an 8 day fertile window, compared to other methods which can only show 3-6 days. So, OvuSense maximizes your chance of pregnancy.

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The best fertility monitor for irregular cycles

Our patent protected monitor has also been clinically proven to offer women with irregular cycles the same level of accuracy as those on regular cycles. It is important to know that urine strips, also know as ovulation predictor kits, sometimes just don't work if you have irregular cycles.

Women suffering with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), diminished ovarian reserve or thyroid issues are most likely to experience irregular cycles, but there are also many women with PCOS and other issues who have a regular cycle but irregular ovulation. OvuSense makes tracking these cycles simple and highly accurate, giving you the best chance of conception out of any product available on the market if you have an ovulatory problem due to one of these issues.

OvuSense tracks the direct effect of progesterone on the ovaries, and that's why it is able to predict and confirm ovulation with such a high degree of success.

Read more clinical research on OvuSense

Need some more answers on how OvuSense ovulation tracker works and what it can do for you?

Our handy FAQ section aims to answer some of the most common questions we get about our fertility monitor.

Read our FAQ section

OvuSense real life success stories

Over the years OvuSense has helped hundreds of women around the world achieve the miracle of conception. We are proud to share our customer success stories of those who trusted OvuSense to support them along their pregnancy journey.

"OvuSense was the reason behind my baby"

During this journey, I struggled, but in the end it all paid off! OvuSense customer service and its undivided support has been better than I could have ever asked for. I truly believe OvuSense was the reason behind my baby!


Cheyenne and partner
Rachel and partner

"OvuSense was invaluable"

I have PCOS, hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s. I started using OvuSense after many previous years of TTC unsuccessfully and we conceived our miracle baby on cycle 12 . The information that I learned about my cycle by using OvuSense was invaluable.


"OvuSense gave me hope"

I started by using ovulation strips and that was a waste of money, I never had a static smiley face. When I got OvuSense, I was already trying for 7 months with no luck at all but OvuSense gave me hope because it showed I WAS ovulating. Now I’m pregnant with my baby boy. Lisa


Lisa and partner

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