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We are confident that OvuSense will confirm if and when you are ovulating. So, if you use it for six months and ovulation is not detected, you will receive a full refund to help you seek additional treatment.

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"I am pregnant after using OvuSense for two months. We were trying for 8+ years before that."


OvuSense is as easy as...


Insert the medical-grade sensor in your vagina overnight


In the morning, remove the sensor and sync to the OvuSense App


OvuSense predicts ovulation up to 24 hours in advance using current cycle data


OvuSense then confirms ovulation with 99% clinically-proven accuracy

What makes OvuSense different?

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OvuSense - a true medical device

OvuSense was developed by specialists for use in home and clinic. OvuSense is backed by over 50,000 cycles of use, 2 clinical trials and 5 peer-reviewed publications, confirming the medical basis for core body temperature monitoring.

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Live 24-hour advance ovulation prediction

Unlike any other monitor, OvuSense can alert you up to 24-hours before you ovulate based on your in-cycle data. Clinically proven to be correct 96% of the time, this gives you more time to try to get pregnant each cycle.

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8-day fertile window

As well as being the only monitor with live 24-hour advance prediction, OvuSense provides a 99% accurate full eight-day fertile window at the start of each cycle – helping you take back control of planning for pregnancy.

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Fully certified, safe and effective

OvuSense is a class 2 medical device - with full regulatory approval in USA (510k), Europe (CE), Canada, and Australia. Why trust your tracking to anything else when you can use OvuSense, worry free, knowing it has undergone rigorous testing?

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Measure What Matters

Unlike BBT monitoring, OvuSense can monitor the true fluctuations of progesterone throughout the cycle. By measuring what matters with OvuSense you don’t need to use other devices at home for your fertility tracking.

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Helping with diagnosis and monitoring medication

Only OvuSense helps with diagnosis of your individual cycle characteristics, and allows you to track how medication and/or supplements affect your cycle pattern, giving you and your doctor confidence that the treatment is working.

Clinically Proven

The only class 2 medical device fertility monitor. Proven in clinical trials and in use in over 50,000 cycles with women just like you.

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