In the United States, approximately 10% or 6.1 million women have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. Despite how common an experience fertility challenges may be, many women don’t feel comfortable discussing infertility and their personal experiences with others. Instead, many choose to head to the internet to learn from others outside their immediate circle of friends and family, to learn from other women and find others who share their same experiences. 

For these reasons, online communities and resources are more important than ever for your fertility journey. In honor of this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week on April 24-30, we want to help celebrate, educate, connect and empower women from around the world and at all phases of their fertility journey. 

What Makes This Year Different and How to Get Involved 

Beginning in 1989, RESOLVE started a movement known as National Infertility Awareness Week®. Since the beginning, there have been three goals when it came to National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) and bringing the infertility community together:

Enhance public understanding that infertility needs and deserves attention.

Ensure that people trying to build a family know the guidelines for seeing a specialist.

Educate lawmakers about how infertility impacts people in their state.

After two years of celebrating #NIAW virtually, pandemic protocols are lifting and in-person gatherings are resuming in certain areas. However, the pandemic continues to affect people in many ways, including impacting their overall wellbeing. Now, to make matters more complicated, there is the added challenge of at-home Covid tests resembling pregnancy tests, which bring up memories of struggling to conceive for many. 

This year, whether you choose to stay home or gather with others, you can make a difference this National Infertility Awareness Week. If you’re looking to get involved, RESOLVE shares some ways you can help raise awareness and increase public understanding about infertility. 

  • Wear Orange! - Throughout National Infertility Awareness Week, wear your best orange clothing and accessories to support NIAW. Post your outfit of the day (#OOTD) on social media and let others know why you’re repping orange. 
  • Spread Awareness - If you feel like your family, friends, or neighbors need to learn more about infertility, reach out to them individually or as a community and let them know about NIAW and the impact infertility can have on millions of Americans. 
  • Host a Virtual DIY Walk of Hope - Create your own virtual Walk of Hope or consider joining an already existing one! Virtual walks can help bring awareness to your community and help raise money for RESOLVE’s mission. 
  • Connect with Others - Social media is a great way to connect with the infertility community. Join Facebook groups, such as the OvuSense User’s Group, to connect with other women who may be going through similar experiences. 
  • Share your Story - While you may feel alone in your fertility journey, there are thousands of others who are going through something similar. Sharing your story with others may help them learn from your experiences and vice versa. Do you want your fertility journey to be featured? Reach out to RESOLVE or contact us at [email protected]

How We Can Help

Millions of women have difficulty getting or staying pregnant, and around 1 in 4 struggle with some kind of ovulation disorder. Knowing when or if you ovulate naturally is not only one of OvuSense’s core functions, but foundational to your entire fertility journey. Having this knowledge is key to determining the right path for you. By giving you exact knowledge about how your ovulation varies, OvuSense can help get you through these trying times, especially if your fertility treatment or plans are now on hold. 

Equally important during your journey can be finding others to support you along the way. OvuSense users receive not only the support of our dedicated team, but the opportunity to connect with thousands of women in our online user group. No journey is the same, but having a dedicated place to connect with, learn from, and share with others can be an invaluable resource for many women.

You can learn more about how OvuSense supports your fertility here.