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Real-life stories from OvuSense users and essential information from fertility experts

  1. Emily Endo Blog

    Testimonial: Emily’s Struggle with Endometriosis and How She Ultimately Became Pregnant with OvuSense

    Emily is apart of many women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis. In this OvuSense testimonial, Emily shares her journey with endometriosis and how she became pregnant with OvuSense. 

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  2. Endo blog photo

    Beya Reflects on the Difficulties of Living with Endometriosis

    Beya is one of 200 million women worldwide who have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition where the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. It can be extremely painful. In this blog, we hear from Beya, about her experiences with endometriosis.

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  3. Question mark

    You Asked & We Answered: Your Burning OvuSense Questions

    Answering some of your most burning questions about OvuSense! Take a look if you'd like to learn more.

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  4. book and pen

    New Year, Same Fertility Goals: 3 Lifestyle Tips to Support TTC 

    With the new year up and running, we are diving into some helpful tips we've received from various fertility experts! Take a peek and write down some of your favorites. 

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  5. Happy New Year

    Honoring 2023 and Looking Forward to More in 2024

    As 2023 comes to a close, we at OvuSense are reflecting on all of the positive events of the past year, such as the World Health Organization officially declaring the end of the pandemic, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour boosting the U.S. economy (she’s coming for Europe in 2024!), and much more. Beyond world events, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at the positive experiences that those within our TTC community had this year. And if 2023 wasn’t the year that you became pregnant, know that hope is just around the corner in 2024!

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  6. Holiday dinner table from unsplash

    5 Delicious Dishes to Support Fertility this Holiday Season

    The holiday season can be stressful when trying to conceive. To ease some of the stress you may be feeling, we're sharing 5 delicious dishes to support fertility this holiday season – all from fertility nutritionists.

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  7. Rebecca’s Pregnancy Testimonial: Starting & Later Growing Her Family with OvuSense

    Rebecca’s Pregnancy Testimonial: Starting & Later Growing Her Family with OvuSense

    In this piece, Rebecca shares the story of her TTC journey with PCOS. She dives into learning more about her cycles, why she recommends OvuSense, and completing her family.

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  8. Lit Candles and plant

    TW: Recognizing & Honoring Those Gone Too Soon This Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023

    *Trigger warning: child loss and miscarriage* In this piece, we cover Baby Loss Awareness Week – further what you should know, how to support a loved one struggling through a loss, and how you can learn more. We also discuss ways in which to commemorate Wave of Light Day, which takes place as the week ends.

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  9. Alexandra Emerson White

    Guest Blog: Demystifying PCOS - Types, Drivers, and Effective Management

    What makes PCOS particularly complex is its varied presentations, as this really highlights the importance of tailoring support approaches to the specific drivers of PCOS an individual woman may have. In this guest blog by Alexandra Emerson White, registered nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, we will delve into some of the key drivers and “types” of PCOS – insulin-resistant PCOS, post-pill PCOS, inflammatory PCOS, and adrenal PCOS – and explore why understanding these is crucial for effective symptom management and improved fertility outcomes.

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  10. Rainbow Baby

    7 Rainbow Baby Poems to Fill Your Heart With Hope

    The term “rainbow baby” may not be familiar to everyone, but for those who have experienced a miscarriage or infant loss, it has a profound significance. In this blog, we're discussing what the term means and we're sharing 7 rainbow baby poems to fill your heart with hope. So whether you have a rainbow baby, are expecting one, or are wishing with your whole heart for one, keep reading to learn more.  

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