We are thrilled to share some exciting news - the OvuSense family is growing! We have just launched OvuFirst, the most accurate skin-worn sensor on the market that confirms your fertile window with over 90% accuracy. OvuFirst is designed to measure skin temperature and provide women with an understanding of when to try and conceive, and help determine what issues they may be having during the process of starting or growing a family. 

At the heart of the OvuSense fertility monitoring family is the ability to provide clinically proven, accurate, and useful information so every woman can best understand her unique individual cycle pattern. Continue reading below to learn more about how OvuFirst works, who should use it, and to hear from one woman who already tried (and loved!) it herself. 

What Is OvuFirst?

OvuFirst is the latest technology in our family of fertility monitoring solutions. By utilizing our revolutionary OvuCore technology proven in over 190,500 cycles of use, we were able to develop and test OvuFirst as the most accurate skin sensor available on the market. 

Women can wear the sensor on their arm or wrist overnight in a convenient and non-invasive way and it will confirm a woman’s fertile window with over 90% accuracy. As with the other sensors in the OvuSense family (OvuCore & Ovusense Pro), OvuFirst uses the OvuSense App to download data and provide women with a full 8-day fertile window at the start of their next cycle. 

How Does OvuFirst Work? 

Using OvuFirst is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...4! Once your OvuFirst arrives, simply follow the four steps below and you’ll be well on your way to tracking your ovulation and achieving your fertility goals:

  1. The OvuFirst sensor is worn overnight on either your wrist or under your arm using our specially designed band. TIP: We recommend the under arm application for maximum accuracy! OvuFirst will measure your skin temperature continuously every five minutes. With no radio waves transmitted from the sensor while applied to your body, it  is completely safe to use, so relax and get cozy! Curl up with a good book in bed or doze off while your OvuFirst is doing the work for you.
  2. Rise and shine! When you wake up in the morning, remove your OvuFirst sensor before downloading its data to the OvuSense App. Your data will then be uploaded to a secure cloud database, ensuring it is safe and secure.
  3. The OvuSense App analyzes current cycle data generated from the OvuFirst sensor and provides live updates that plot your own unique cycle pattern. Talk about thorough!
  4. Proven in side-by-side trials with our OvuCore technology, OvuFirst confirms your fertile window with over 90% accuracy and is able to predict when you'll be at your most fertile in your next cycle. From there, it’s time to get to babymaking!

Who Should Use OvuFirst? 

OvuFirst is perfect for women who are interested in learning more about their cycle or just starting their fertility journey. It works for women that want to monitor their ovulation and cycles in a convenient, non-invasive way, or women who are beginning their journey to start or grow their family. 

Hina Mazharuddin, a certified physician assistant who was one of the first women to use OvuFirst, feels confident that the sensor is a wonderful resource for all women to understand, be informed about, and feel empowered to take control of their health. 

“I love how easy and comfortable OvuFirst is,” Hina shared. “OvuFirst gave me a non-invasive way to collect data and see trends to better understand my personal health. By growing your product line to now include OvuFirst - I’m excited to see how many future women’s lives can be positively impacted by this of all ages!”

Try OvuFirst Today!

We are excited to now offer solutions that support couples no matter where they are on their fertility journey. If you are interested in using OvuFirst, or know someone who might be, use code OVUFIRST20 at check out for 20% off. 

To learn more about our full suite of fertility monitoring solutions, including options for women who have been trying to conceive for 6+ months or those working with providers, visit ovusense.com.