Real-life stories from OvuSense users and essential information from fertility experts

  1. Pausing or Delaying TTC? Here’s Why You Should Keep Tracking Data

    Pausing or Delaying TTC? No Problem! Here’s Why You Should Keep Tracking Data

    If you do decide to wait or press pause on TTC, there’s no reason not to track your data. In fact, it is beneficial for you to do so! Tracking your cycle with an at-home fertility monitor such as OvuFirst can help you to determine when you ovulate, identify any patterns within your cycle, and even lead to hotter sex.

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  2. Fertility 101 - Tips on Where to Start

    Fertility 101 - Tips on Where to Start When You’re Just Starting Out

    Congratulations on starting out on your TTC journey - we are incredibly excited for you! However, we know those first few steps can be a bit confusing and lead to a number of questions. Don’t worry - it is completely normal! That’s why we created a fertility 101 guide to provide a one-stop shop for tips on where to start, how to maximize your chance at becoming pregnant, and how OvuSense can support you. Keep reading to learn more and embark on your exciting new journey.

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  3. Introducing OvuFirst

    OvuSense Announces Launch of OvuFirst Skin Sensor to Further Support Women Just Starting Their Fertility Journey

    The OvuSense family is growing! We have just launched OvuFirst, the most accurate skin-worn sensor on the market that confirms your fertile window with over 90% accuracy. Continue reading to learn more.

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